Wings and feathers & totem frequencies

A funny thing happened this past summer. A white feathery, wing-thing.

During Lughnasadh we did a guided meditation that included an imaginary romp through the forest with mother-earth. The meditation was full on earthy-mama-Gaia-love. We watched the Sun-God and the Earth-Mother in the forest, with the intention to be thankful for the season’s harvest, and to bring us closer to Gaia.

(Needless to say, the gratitude and the love were flowing.)

When we were finished, I wiggled my fingers and toes.
And I slowly opened my eyes to return to the present…
(You know the drill, right?)

I slowly opened my eyes and… wow! A real-life, teeny-tiny feather was hovering in front of my face. Well, it hovered, for a split second, until it kept on truckin’ and gracefully floated it’s way down towards my hand.
And it landed smack dab in the middle of my palm.
Pretty cool, right?  

Was it a sign, I wondered?

There was no tiny bird to go along with it. No whistles or chirps to say hello – but that little feather was a lovely gesture, and as I caught it something in me shifted. I fell in love with the tiny little bird that dropped it.

What a cutie-patootie for leaving such a lovely a token for someone to find!

And the way this feather just landed in my hand – well, it was effortless – and it felt like it was a gift meant for me.

Now, I have always liked feathers.
I have used them in crafts.
A few years ago I even made a feather lampshade.

And I’ve always liked feathers, but I’ve never really loved feathers.

I’ve never really noticed them unless they were attached to a really beautiful bird, to be honest.
Ever since the moment that this little gift arrived, I notice feathers everywhere.

When you are looking, they really are EVERYWHERE! They are lined up along the sides of street curbs, randomly scattered in parks and fields – and they gleefully wave their feathery tips at me as I pass. They get caught on the rough bricks of buildings and in the dried stems of the fall flowers… they have literally latched onto the nooks and crannies of my world.

I can’t believe I simply didn’t notice them before.

And now that I do notice, they’re as rampant as the cigarette butts and discarded coffee cups that line our urban environments. Lately, instead of noticing the paper trail left by people, I am witnessing the left over bits and pieces from the birds. I seem to have inadvertently tuned into the feather frequency.

It’s all a little bit strange.
Don’t get me wrong, it feels very magical and it’s always lovely to see the small giggles of nature as they peek out at me from a rusted signpost or a concrete slab, but again – I ask the same question…

How on earth did I miss so many feathers before?

I do believe that we attune our thoughts to a certain frequency (or thought pattern), and that the underlying pattern has a direct influence on how we experience our world. (Our filters affect our world view. Yes, I understand this.)

But I wasn’t getting the full picture or depth of this concept. At all.

I always understood that my filters were affecting my emotional perception of the world. That they would change the way I felt about things, and how I reacted to them. That my past experiences would change my understanding of any given situation.

But it’s so much more than that!

What I learned this summer is that my attitude (or thought pattern, if you will) can also seemingly change the physical world around me. Of course I don’t believe that there are all of a sudden a higher number of feathers around this summer. I know that they were there all along, and that I was simply not noticing them. I was editing out that level of information, because my brain deemed it to be unimportant. Which is pretty heavy, considering how many feathers my brain did not process!

It begs the question:
What else am I not seeing?
What other miracles of life am I missing?

I also wonder (with hopeful heart!) if I have started a journey with a tiny spirit totem. Is she a jovial, beautiful finch who leaves me a thank you for the Nyjer seed in the form of a feather? Or a simple sparrow who visits my fence and munches on grain? I’ve since learned that the tiny down feather is the part of the “coat” that always grows, and that insulates and protects. Quite literally, I think it was a sign of growth and protection.
Little spirit creature- wherever and whoever you are, thanks for wiping the dust from my eyes and for allowing me to see your beauty. Thank you for sweeping me up into your winged embrace, and for opening my eyes to your everyday magic. I hope we meet again soon.


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