What is a Sacred Business?

Sacred businesses are run by soulpreneur-types who are passionate about making the world a better place, and who are engaging with the universe in a way that fulfills that piece of the soul that digs honest expression.

Any type of business can be sacred… it’s not really about the type of work, it’s much more about your personal reasons for being an entrepreneur and your motivations for doing what you are doing.

My sacred business philosophy is that your spiritual self needs to flourish right alongside your profit, and the purposeful commerce that happens should be leaving a positive impact on the planet. Sacred businesses look after the people and places within the eco-system of the business, while also looking after the owner.

What’s stopping you from changing the world with your gift, and from building a better world around you?

Let’s manifest your success together with strategy, intuition and hustle!

My passion – my happy place – is helping to launch and support sacred businesses, and to turn your big vision into a tangible, real-life thing. I help amazing entrepreneurs turn their dreams into successful businesses by providing step-by-step strategic biz support, marketing and design. Oh, and heaping teaspoons of manifestion and inution. There are always those 😉 I also run sacred marketing and biz courses for those Do-It-Yourselfers out there. You know who you are!

The truth is that most small businesses that are run by a solo-preneur are, in many ways, sacred.

They are run on heart and hustle, passion and dreams, and they only come into fruition because of the visions of the person at the helm.

Is sacred business really sacred?

Sacred business is a mindset. If you are working your business success in a way that’s good for the planet, the people and your profit – I’d call it a sacred business.

Now, I know that there are some people out there who will cringe when they hear “heart-centered” or “soul-preneur”, while other beam with pride because they totally identify with those terms. Sacred biz is no different, because it all boils down to perspective – you may prefer social entrepreneur or just prez 🙂 and there’s no judgement either way coming from this end of the screen.

I do love the term sacred business as a way to convey the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection in business.

The term creates a framework for business before I start with my clients that may (or may not) include a conversation that is highly woo-woo. It all depends on the client and the issues that they are having with their marketing.

When I am working on personal branding there are often some issues that can come up that need to be worked on. If I see that a person’s brand is being impeded because of their fear to step out in front of the world… well, that’s a conversation that we have to have in order for them to find the success that they desire.

If we are working on a campaign that really digs deep on an instinctual level, I like to be able to say – let’s use red because of the first chakra – and know that they will resonate with that concept.

How does the term sacred business feel to you?