What is Mercury Retrograde? Survival tips for hip chicks.

Oh Mercury Retrograde. You come knocking again, and this time with a sneaky giggle and your proverbial fuse box that you gleefully switch off and on at will. Tonight, it’s the internet connection to GaiamTV and Netflix. And in typical Mercury retrograde fashion, the internet connection is working just fine on my computer. But not on my TV.

Yesterday, my dad’s phone wasn’t sending text messages, and tomorrow, who knows!
What will your sneaky trickery cook up next?

If I could see your clothes, I think you’d have your pants on backwards and maybe you’d be wearing two different colored shoes.And you’d have a silly dangling jester hat hanging out of your back pocket, I’m pretty sure.

Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomena that happens 2 or 3 times a year. There’s no need to hit the panic switch. BUT…. I’ve also seen Mercury go into retrograde and then wreak chaos and organizational havoc on our communication. So we don’t necessarily handle it all that gracefully, either. It flips our plans on their heads, spins them around, and we can wind up feeling a little bit disoriented if we are in it’s path.

What is Mercury Retrograde? And why does it affect us?

The planets fly around on their orbits, and where they are in space affect us here on earth. (This is Astrology!)
Mercury, more than any of the other planets, has a bizarre affect on us when it is in retrograde. Retrograde is when a planet appears to go backwards through the signs, instead of following them clockwise. Mercury is a heck of a lot closer than the stars, and so this is an illusion that is brought to us compliments of our own lack of being able to perceive depth and distance in space. (You know how a big truck moving beside you can make you feel like you’ve gone backwards even though you’re standing still, and how it also seems to move a lot faster than the truck in the distance? I think of Mercury Retrograde as that same type of illusion.)

From October 4th – 25th, 2014 we are living a long backwards month of Mercury Retrograde. Even non-woo-woo types follow Mercury retrograde patterns. It’s a good time to wait on major decisions like purchasing a home or signing big contract. Wait a little bit longer for retrograde’s dust to settle before making the decision to start new things that will dramatically affect your life.

Okay, gimme the hip chick positives

There are positives. YES!
A ton of them!

1. Out of the box introspection

This whirlwind of backwards forces us to revist, rethink and reevaluate where we were going. It shows us to look at our lives with through a different filter, so we can come up with some exciting new ideas at this time! Out-of-the-box thinking and reframing existing problems are fabulous friends to take along with you as you head into Mercury Retrograde!

2. Old and new face-to-face time

Sometimes, old problems and old friends pop up around mercury retrograde. Old ideas, old desires.
The opportunity to make peace, or to really let go of old characters from our past is a lovely gift. Ex boyfriends and girlfriends have the uncanny ability of resurfacing at this time.

I’ve had old desires and ideas pop into my head at this time that I’d completely forgotten about. The ability to see how far you’ve come or even to incorporate forgotten ideas into your present life can be pure gold.

3. Intuition, baby

So, even though you may find it a little more difficult to communicate with the outside world at this time, your brain will be buzzing with ideas and making some really fabulous connections that it wouldn’t usually make.

Our inner communication systems are tuned in and turned on.

Think meditation, higher-self and your own personal high-speed connection to a more heightened awareness. It’s a phenomenal time to do personal work and to delve into you.

It’s a wonderful time for reflection!

4. Tying loose ends

We all have them.
And they can suck the joy out of our days. You know those niggling, loose ends that just sort of nag at you, but they never really go away unless you throw lots of energy at them?

Consider them your mercury retrograde tasks. And then breathe a sigh of relief when they are all done 🙂

One last thing before you go!
It’s also important to note that even though it’s a time to stay away from new ventures, that doesn’t mean that it’s a time to stop. Keep working on existing projects, finish up old ones and re-evaluate where you’re going.


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