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Find examples of testimonials that you love. Check out your competition, people you admire… or look on LinkedIn.


Set the tone for the testimonial by sharing the ones you love with the person you are reaching out to. You can even pre-write it!

Make it easy for them by offering a suggestion. {yep, people do this all the time.}


Take your shiny new testimonial and post it online. Post it everywhere. Post it on your website or your facebook, twitter, etc. If it’s the first one you have make a folder on your computer to save all the testimonials to come. Social proof helps people to decide if they should buy from you or not. People will say that they aren’t influenced by testimonials, because – who  knows- they may be made up, right? But studies prove that they still read them, and that they do indeed help to sway people’s decisions to purchase or not.


For extra proof-power, use a photo of the person who gave you the testimonial. Be nice.. link back to their website or name their business if they have one, in order to give them credit.

marketing karma.

If you are a therapist or a coach and you can’t use people’s names, offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client and promise you will not share their details. You can still gather heart-felt testimonials. If you are a doctor who is regulated by your college to not show testimonials on your site… think about sneaking them in on social media. We’ve also just added quotation marks to a few words with clients – and the colleges are usually okay with that sort of thing.

marketing maven extra: 

Find a blurry or simple image that you can add text over top of. Using paint, photoshop, or a phone app get that testimonial into an image. Simple works best here.

Apps like “Over” allow you to add text on top of your images with your phone.

Open up the image in your phone or on your computer and get that testimonial out in front of people. It will be read.


Free blurred backgrounds here
Download Over app for iphones

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