It’s no secret that many healers, artists and creative goddesses spend a significant amount of time in poor-man’s-land. From the outside looking in, they appear to live passionately, whimsically… creatively.. and it actually seems sort of romantic (in a karma-and-moonbeams sort of way.)

As creatives, we are often seen as free spirits who love our work so much that we work for the love of our craft, and not for the love of money, right? And so much so, that we often work at a fraction of what we are worth, or for very little money exchange with the universe at all. Some of us even construct giant gates around our lives that help us to steer clear of the financial “system” altogether. We trade things, we give things away for free… and some of us have such a skewed relationship with money that we feel bad sending invoices to our clients after we’ve negotiated a fair price and then gone above and beyond in the work we’ve provided.

I’ll admit that I know this space intimately.

In my past life as a broke-ass-wounded-healing-artist…

one of my favorite things to say to people was “I’m not motivated by money.” It was such a badge of honour that I even said this to my clients. {Yes. You read that right. My freakin’ clients, and often as we were negotiating contracts!}

{Um. Really Chris? This is not how a successful or wise entrepreneur builds a great business!}

And logically, I knew this. I totally knew it! But I was so wrapped up in my own money story about how I was a good person, and how being a good person meant not needing to make a lot of money – that I couldn’t imagine doing things any other way. When I was pricing my services, I thought about what people could afford, and not the amount of energy that went into the offering. I thought about what they needed, and then I priced my services at a reduced rate (usually somewhere between barter and next-to-nothing) in order to support them and get them what they desired.

My pricing was already reduced, and then I would still give away tons of extras for free, because I wanted to help them all out.

And I wanted to be a good spiritual person who was worthy of being liked.

I deluded myself that my business was working, for a short stint. Until it was painfully obvious that it wasn’t.
I was broke, and to be honest I don’t think it really mattered that I was running a busy business that made like 0.001% of the profit it should have made. (Remember that badge of honour?) What was upsetting to me at the time was that I was drained, unhappy and that I began to hate my work. (Which made absolutely no sense, because I love what I do, and I was doing the type of work that I love, and the clients were great people, and I was busy…) So when I started to not answer calls for the fear of more work, I knew something was amiss.

I had been building a business doing what I loved, and it was sucking the life from my soul and the joy from my heart.

And after some pretty drastic soul searching I figured out that I wasn’t un-enchanted with my business. And I didn’t need to find a new life. I had simply been selling myself the lie of ‘success’ by keeping really busy, and looking at a waiting list of clients who wanted to work with me. I realized that I was really angry with myself.

You see you can only help others at the expense of you for so long. My money story had me taking care of everyone else.

That wounded-healer-healing-the-world-instead-of-themselves is a nasty friend to cart around. She’s so busy being liked and fixing other people’s problems that she begins to feed off of you. When she’s totally out of control she locks you up in her own private sweatshop, and she dangles this giant carrot in front of you that continually pats you on the back and whispers “Good job. You’ve got talent.”

Pretty soon the carrot begins to affect your sense of self worth. I’ve got a ton of healthy self esteem… and when I realized that something was happening to me and that my love for self was beginning to dwindle, it snapped me out of my love affair with povertyville.

Because money, sweet souls – is your energetic exchange with the world. If we get literal, it really just pieces of paper with ink on them that say.. thank you, I worked 10 hours for this, and I choose to spend 10 hours of my work on your service. And if 10 hours of their work equates to 10 months of your life while struggling to make ends meet… then you have got to think about reframing and reclaiming your right to play and exchange fairly with the world. If you have a gift to share with others and you know that people want your gift, then there is no reason that you should be poor.

Being spiritual does not mean giving your comfort and happiness away to the lowest bidder.


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