The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Moon tarot card keywords

Upright: Intuition, solitude, feminine energy, something hidden, psychic dreams
Reversed: A trick, not listening to intuition, deceit, paralyzing fear, danger

Moon Tarot Card Overview

The moon tarot card is a lovely card that can represent our intuition, our shadow self, and the spiritual realm. The 18th card of the major arcana, it’s a card of lunar magic, dreams and visions, creative genius and the subconscious mind.

The lighter side of the moon can communicate creative genius, gifted manifestation and powerful intuition and life magic. (Basically, it’s woo-woo amazing!)

The darker side of the moon can represent visions, illusions, and madness. It can be a warning against the hidden:  hidden enemies, addictions or even mental health issues. So, the moon can be a card of extremes. It’s like the creative artist who is dangerously close to becoming a mad genius, and who needs to embrace all aspects of himself in order to walk in tune with nature and to save his sanity. It’s no accident that the word lunacy comes from the latin luna, for moon!

The Imagery and Symbolism on the Moon Card

The moon is the eccentric, and helps seers, healers and seekers to navigate the thin veil between this world and the spiritual world. It shows us enough to see the path, but then begs us to tap into all of our faculties to learn to navigate the twists and turns of our dreamscapes with grace. As she casts her white light down onto the mountain scene below, she casts only a small amount of light from the sun- just enough so that you can see where you are going without stumbling too terribly. The dim light doesn’t completely show us the way, so you must use your senses and your intuition to move ahead as you move up the hill and towards your higher consciousness.

In Rider-Waite traditional tarot symbolism there is a dog and wolf at the bottom of the path, one to represent the tame side of our intuition and our journey- while the other represents the wilder, instinctual side. There is a crayfish crawling out of the water; our early consciousness crawling out and growing from the depths within. The crayfish is emerging from water to land, and evolving. Sometime these early stage images that evolve from our mind’s deepest and darkest places are unsettling, as the crayfish could be.

Moon tarot card meaning – upright:

The stunning deck that I am working with right now is the Golden Tarot by Kat Black. It follows the Rider-Waite Smith system quite closely. If the moon shows up in your spread, prepare yourself for a wonderful roller coaster ride that will ultimately teach you everything that you need to know in order to take the next step in your journey. The tarot moon suggests that you may have a few different paths opening up before you, and you may feel unsure about which way to go. Things are not well lit, and not well defined or laid out before you.

Moon Casting Shadows

The unknown can make the best of us feel insecure, and it may create self-doubt. The moon card often tells us that we are projecting fear onto our present or into our future, because many times we are afraid of those things that we can’t understand. In the dark of night, we can’t see things as they are.

The moon brings a warning of deceit, of things that you cannot see clearly, and of blindspots in our vision. Sometimes it warns of a person who is being deceitful, someone in your life who doesn’t have your best interests in heart and is gossipy or not to be trusted. If you yoursefl are involved in shady dealings or anything illegal, the moon may be warning you that you will be caught becuase the you can’t hide in the moon’s shadows forever.

Sometimes the shadows that it casts can create a false sense of intrigue around things or ideas that are not what they seem when they are seen clearly. It asks us try to see the entire truth of something, and to make sure that you are not succumbing to our own delusions or talking ourselves into believing something that isn’t true. It asks you to check in on your intuition.

Shadows can also make regular, harmless things appear to be worse than they are. In the daylight, things are easier to navigate and understand.

Tread carefully when the moon shows up in your spread. Ruminate on the answers- but know that the moon is asking you to face your fears or your insecurities along the way.  The answers that you seek will come from within, and they are probably going to be easier to figure out than you imagine they will be.

Right now in your life, the moon is out, so meditate on your proverbial night time. Things always appear darker, scarier or more difficult at night. Even simple tasks like climbing a set of stairs can be difficult at night, if the staircase is unknown! When the sun comes out the answers come easy. To reach the tarot moon and then the sun, however, you will need to poke around in the dark a little bit. Take time to get to know the place where you are in life right now in the dark. Ruminate on the answers, and don’t jump in without careful inspection.

You may feel lost and afraid, and be having trouble moving forwards after all that has happened to you. Or maybe past beliefs are keeping you from moving ahead. Do it anyways. Be careful, be kind to yourself, and move ahead knowing that your path will unfold as it’s meant to.

Maybe you need to let go of your negative self-talk, or to quiet the logical mind if it keeps reminding you that it is not rational to journey without clearly knowing where you are headed. (We can feel irrational at this time, because the path is not well lit and you feel like you are travelling without really understanding the destination that you are heading towards. ) You will be able to see exactly where you are meant to go after you clean out the negative blocks that are keeping you from feeling the path that you should take.

Embrace your inner psychic, and allow your intuition to guide you as you move towards the moon. The moon in your spread tells you to pay attention to your inner voice, and listen to your dreams. This card can symbolize mother, or a strong matriarchal person in your life.

Moon Tarot Card Reversed Meanings:

The moon card signifies a need to bring your attention and focus within.

There are profound spiritual teaching happening that you will only be able to synthesize and learn if you spend some time with your own thoughts and feelings. The moon reversed can indicate the imagination running wild and you may be seeing dangers and problems that aren’t there. That is the shadows that the moon casts.  It speaks of the fears we have for moving forward in life and starting new things, and of fear that is not allowing us to tune into our own intuition. Learn to listen to your gut.

Moon reversed suggests that you may be coming out of a period in your life when you felt surrounded by dishonest people, lies and deception. That period caused chaos and uncomfortable situations in your life, and it’s time to leave those behind and realize that the past is the past and that you are now moving into a new phase. It’s time to bring your new idea, your hope and your faith and to forge ahead so that you don’t get caught up in the negative past.

While the upright moon can suggest dishonest people around you, the moon reversed can suggest that one is being dishonest with themselves. You need to take inventory of your personal motives, and make sure that they are in line with your highest good and that they are really your personal motives. Do they accurately reflect who you are?

You are in a more psychic, intuitive phase than normal, but you are having a hard time interpreting the messages that you are receiving. Take the time to understand and learn the teachings that your intuition is trying to communicate. Again, this is a time for reflection and self-study. Take notes, and come back to them later, if meanings allude you at the moment.

You may feel an anxiety or an unhappiness about your present situation. What possibilities lay before you are difficult to discern, and you may be having a hard time really understanding what it is that you want.  Maybe your heart wants one thing and your mind is telling you that you are too old, or too behind or too late to go out and get what you want. It is time to believe in yourself, watch for subtle energies and subtle messages and work towards your goals and your dreams. Your limiting beliefs can cause a great deal of unhappiness and unrest, especially when they are working against what the heart really wants.

If  you have recently experienced self doubt, anxiety, a phase of being disappointed with yourself – it is going to pass soon.

The dark aspects of this card reversed tell us to watch our backs. From dishonest people and from all forms of attacks. It’s time to lock your doors and purify your sacred space.  {Personally, I am hesitant to believe that I am in physical or spiritual danger at any time. I do my best to remain positive and logical here, because unnecessary fear is also something that this card counsels against.) 😉

Personal Notes and Reflections on the Moon Tarot Card

The moon affects the ebb and flow of the tides and the pull of the lunar cycles on female energy. The moon can have a strong influence on our menstrual cycles, our hormones and our sleep patterns. Sometimes the moon can urge us to look at our sleep and our rhythms, and urge us to be more mindful of moon cycles and the subtle energies that she can bring. The new moon is a great time for new beginnings, the waxing moon is often a period of intense creativity, building up to the full moon- where creativity be at a crazy high. Energy is at it’s peak here, and then as the moon wanes we are great at wrapping things up. If the moon shows up in my spread and I am living out of rhythm with the cycle of the moon, (ex. pushing for an answer on how to wrap something up during the waxing moon) sometimes I just have to wait, get in step with the lunar cycle, and then the solution presents itself at the right time.

TCM and Correspondences to healing

With my work in Traditional Chinese Medicine I also read the moon as having a lot of  yin energy,  the extreme feminine. I see the moon as the embodiment of feminine energy. The tarot moon card corresponds ( Kabbalah ) to the number 100 and to the back of the head (Hebrew correspondence table here)

This is fascinating from a TCM / healer’s perspective. The back of the head corresponds to the Bladder (tai-yang) meridian (and also to back of the head headaches.)

The  bladder meridian (yang/male energy) is paired with it’s organ the kidneys (yin/female energy).  Yin is feminine and the dark,  and in TCM the moon is feminine yin in the extreme.

Any imbalances in the bladder-kidney system can cause the mental-emotional symptoms – and this is where it gets amazingly interesting – the main emotional symptoms that are connected to the bladder system are irrational fear, and an inability to make decisions.

A lack of inner calmness and strength may be presenting, along with a feeling of floating or drifting along. This brings with it the possibility of diminished morale, and in extreme cases, a bladder that is out of balance can cause negative emotions like jealousy, paranoia or suspicion.

Doesn’t this line up beautifully with the moon tarot card?
Often times we are shown the tarot moon card when the querent is having a difficult time making a decision. There is often a certain amount of fear present, because their path is dimly lit, and it’s not apparent that one way is “right” and the other “wrong.”They are often afraid that they will make the wrong decision.

With the bladder meridian and the moon lining up so wonderfully, I would ask the querent if they experience headaches at the back of the head, and if they ever have backaches, or if they have sore lower backs during their menstrual flow.

These may be kidney-bladder meridian symptoms, and tarot moon card may be able to point us to that physical area that can help heal the mental-emotional symptoms.

The bladder meridian runs down the back in two lines along wither side of the spine. Maybe the client needs a good meridian massage to stimulate the flow of qi energy along the meridian. The fear they are feeling about not understanding their path may be causing a blockage!

They may want to cut back on their liquid intake after 6 pm, and be very kind to their bodies between 3 and 7pm, the bladder and kidney time on the TCM organ clock. If they tend to have night sweats, or if they are feeling deeply drained and they have been having concentration or memory problems they may be suffering from a yin deficiency. They may want to work with their yin energies and balancing.

Honey and goji berries would be good additions to their tea rituals right now.

Utmost yin is at midnight, when dark is darkest. This time may be a good time for them to do work on their fears, and get them moving towards the moon and walking their own path more fearlessly, more balanced, and in better health.

A video for water yin Qi Gong to heal water meridian:

color violet-red
number 100
body area back of head
musical note B
astrology Pisces (sometimes listed as Cancer)
alchemy watery
essential oils melissa (lemon balm), marjoram, sandalwood
moon month June-July / honey moon
18th card in deck full lunar cycle lasts 18 years
dog / wolf trained nature / wild instincts
crayfish from water to land leaving stagnant pond, spiritual evolution
path journey towards unconsciousness to spirituality
full moon full yin / female energy

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