I am seeing rainbows everywhere! The meaning of seeing rainbows everywhere

Do you see rainbows everywhere? I know I do.
And I’m not just talking about those regular rainbows that beautify the sky after a sun shower. I rarely see those to be honest – because – as you know – they’re pretty rare. Small everyday rainbows are, however,  just about everywhere else in my life right now. Tiny ones, scattered throughout my day.

I hesitated on writing this post because of how glittery–CareBearand-unicorns it sounds to say {ahem} I see rainbows everywhere.

But I do. And I am.
And just at a moment in my life when I was hell-bent on finding my fierceness… my badass goddess within… the universe delivers… rainbows.

{Fluffiness be damned. It’s what I’m experiencing.}

It started happening about two months ago, after doing a great deal of energy work and aura watching over 2 full weekends. My lovely husband and I spent 4 days at an adoption course (Yes, we are thinking about adopting!) and while the instructors were speaking…. and speaking… and speaaaaaaking… {yawn} … I began to watch for their auras to see how clearly I could make them appear.  I spent more time looking at auras over those 4 days than I ever have before… and I’m pretty sure that’s what set the rainbow thing off.

(An FYI: I don’t see auras all the time. I have to work at it. )

After the course, I began noticing the most curious shift in how I would see reflected light. I was looking at things slightly differently, and noticing the colour that was instead of the colour I thought I should see.

And then there they were – rainbows in the funniest of places – winking and giggling at me like any decent rainbow should, and reflecting their colorful light into the shadows of my world. Totally unfierce.

Light is full of rainbows, so I guess it’s really not that strange. Visible light is simply the rainbow of colours that we can see in the electromagnetic spectrum, and when visible light gets bent (as it does in water, in prisms ,and in glass) there are tiny rainbows where the white light breaks into it’s separate wavelengths of colour. When you look past what you think you should be seeing and really take a peek at the edges of bright white light – those individual wavelengths are there.

To describe it best I could say that I see them where the light stops moving… like in the rims of water bottles, in other people’s eyeglasses – in the light that’s reflected down to their face from their glasses…  and in the light reflected on my garage door as I am parking the car. They are there every time, at the edges of the bright white light as it shifts into blues or reds.

It seems like there are many people who experience this rainbows everywhere thing. Many of them are energy workers and have learned to interpret light and energy in an alternative way, and who are actively working with perception. Everyone can see them – I’m not special in any way – it’s simply that I am noticing them. There are oodles of theories as to why this happens, most have to do with the vibrational frequencies that some people are tuning into. Like radio signals that are already there… rainbows are there for the seeing when you look for them.

My 3 favourite theories on why some people see rainbows everywhere

1. Encounter with Spirit

The Universe of Symbolism reminds us that there is a rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth in Norse mythology.
Rainbows can be seen as close encounters with spirit – a gentle nudge, a friendly reminder or a encouraging hello – to remind us that we are on the right path and doing the right thing.

2. Source Energy Awareness & Communication

The rainbows are aligned with the 7 colours of our chakra system, and when we have all that higher frequency stuff movin’ and shakin’ we start to visually notice the source energy and light of all things.

The Golden Age of Aquarius has a Rainbow Warriors post that has a beautiful excerpt that reads “Having our DNA and brains repaired/restored/activated is all part of becoming Rainbow, too. So is doing our inner work to achieve balance and being Love in Action. Rainbows are vessels through which Source Energy flows. It’s not just about chakras and colors ~ I’m just touching on the theme of Rainbows here.

3. The Coming of Rainbow Children

Doreen Virtue has a post on the coming of rainbow children – a new type of child who is already at their spiritual peak on arrival. I wonder if these rainbow children aren’t helping the rest of us to evolve faster and to see light more clearly?


Looking for a Scientific Explanation on why you see rainbows?

After checking your eyes to make sure that there’s wrong with your vision – you can look into the psychological perspective of seeing so many rainbows:

You know that curious thing that happens when you are thinking about a particular item and then you start to notice it everywhere?

Maybe it happened to you when you were buying a car, and then all of a sudden you notice that same model on the road – or when you found out you needed glasses and all of a sudden everyone is wearing glasses. That’s tendency for the brain to focus in on information that is has recently learned or found fascinating is called recency illusion, or  frequency illusion , and in fancy-schmancy it’s known as the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.

I am happy to blend my science and my esoteric in a witchy brew of healing intelligence. In this case, my esoteric guides my frequency illusion, because it’s the esoteric that gives me the info or the interest in perception in the first place.


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