The King Of Pentacles / King Of Coins Tarot Card

The King of Pentacles (sometimes called the King of Coins of the King of Disks) embodies success, wealth and the ability to work relentlessly and tirelessly towards a goal.

He shouts success, be it a query about a job offer, an investment, or a business possibility. He nudges us to be open to golden opportunities and to reach out and grab on to them, and he also motivates us to model after his honourable work ethic in order to ready ourselves for those opportunities.

He is a master of his craft, and has perfected his skill set. The castle that you see behind him is the culmination of all of his efforts and his determination, and while he is preoccupied with material wealth and financial security, he is also a warm and providing father figure who offers advice and wisdom based on his experience. The pentacles/ coins suit is aligned with the element earth, and the King of this earth suit is stable like the earth, hard-working, practical, positively warm, productive, and reliable. (He may be so grounded that he is stubborn!)

Golden Tarot King of Coins / Disks / Pentacles card upright meaning:

Keywords: success, valour, intelligence, hard work paying off, mastery, craftsmanship, wealth, health, wise counsel, success financial endeavours, organization, aptitude, creativity, accomplishments, reliable, friendly, tangible, resourceful

The deck that I am working with right now is the Golden Tarot by Kat Black. It follows the Rider-Waite Smith system of imagery. If the King of coins pops into your spread, it is a sign there there is a strong focus on financial success at this time. It may hint at a project that will manifest itself, a path that leads to success, or a time in your life when you can reap the rewards of all of your hard work.

He is a trustworthy king, a man who has found financial success through hard work. Even though he has found an abundance of material success, he still enjoys the simple things in life. He is a hard worker and is skilled at problem solving. He has taken years to hone his craft, and it wasn’t always this easy for him.

The King of Pentacles may represent a father-figure in a spread, or someone who takes care of others financially. If he represents a person in your spread, he will most likely be someone who you trust completely- someone you feel safe or comfortable with. He is wise and fair. You have been working hard on a project, and this card suggests that it is time to enjoy those riches. (Both monetary and spiritual!) If you are still working on this project, the King of Disks suggests a positive outcome and a fruitful time. Stay the course! You can use the tried, tested and true methods to reach your goals, because at this time there’s no need to invent a new way of doing things to reach your goals. The King of Coins may not be over-the-top creative in his ways, but he knows what works and he uses his knowledge to bring abundance into his life. Go with what you know, and you will be rewarded.

In questions about love, the King of Pentacles is an excellent sign. It suggests a match well made, and a person who accepts you as you are. Be honest with him and you will reap the rewards of a loving, loyal companion.

In questions related to wealth, the King of Pentacles is all things point to YES! Your hard work and wise investments are going to pay off. Hone your skills, perfect your craft, and be dedicated and consistent.

In health, it is a positive card of general well-being. Wealth, health and happiness are on the upswing when this card appears in your thread.

The king’s riches are not just material. He reminds you to savour the pleasures of eating food that is good for you and that tastes phenomenal; the sensual pleasure you feel when you bring abundance into your physical love life, and to balance these earthly abundances with spiritual wealth.

King of Coins Reversed:

Keywords: vice, dishonesty, corruption, a person willing to do anything at all to reach their goals, questionable ethics, materialism or inability to move ahead, overly cautious, obsessed with every detail, never able to finish the work because of perfectionism, being too hard on oneself. Ruthless, overstretched, debt, financial turmoil.

This card can indicate an unsavoury business character- someone who is dishonest and not to be trusted. It can also represent laziness, the desire for success without hard work, taking too many risks or putting so much focus on material things. Remember that material wealth isn’t the most important thing in life, and try not to focus so much on it that other important things (or people) in your life are falling by the wayside. It can also indicate a facade, doing things for show, going into debt because of items of status.

Personal Notes on the King of Pentacles

This guy.

He’s warm and witty and he’s regal after you get past his aloofness. He’s charismatic in a look-at-my-amazing-life sort of way. He’s worked his way up from the bottom (aka worked his butt off) and has experienced his fair share of ups and downs to get to the place where he is now. His empire is secure, his family provided for, and his life work has come to a wonderful culmination. He is truly, honestly satisfied, and can rest in that giant throne and give himself a pat on the back for a long journey well rewarded. When he graces a spread I get a warm fuzzy fatherly nod from him.

He seems to wink, “I’m lookin’ out for you kiddo.” When he’s reversed, well.. he becomes a little more elusive. He’s much more confusing reversed and asks you to check out the work you’re doing to make sure it’s leading you down the right path. He also warns in reversed. “I know you are working really hard to obtain that dream. But you’re not balanced. Money isn’t everything. Success isn’t everything. You need a better balance in your life, of you will never, ever arrive. And even if you do, you will arrive and still be unhappy. Why are you working so hard for this goal? Don’t forget about friends, family, love and the simple things. Don’t let the goal consume you.”

Correspondences to healing

This card shows the king of earth. (Pentacles = suit of Earth) It also shows the air of the earth. (Kings are air court cards, and pentacles are earth so this is the airy element of the earth suit) In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the earth organs are the spleen and the stomach, and these can be easily damaged by over-thinking and too much worry. Mental acuity is a good thing, but allowing something to rattle around in your head for month’s on end is not good for us mentally or emotionally. Too much over-thinking can cause analysis paralysis – the term given to the state of not being able to make a decision because there are an overwhelming number of factors to take into account.

So.. back to our guy.
Do you think the King of Pentacles was able to accrue his fortunes by sitting around and over-thinking his ‘ish?

No way.

Here we have a guy who got his hands dirty, and got up and worked when the goin’-got-tough.

If the King of Pentacles (esp. reversed!) comes up in a health spread, it could be stomach or digestive stuff going on, caused by too much of that king air energy. Potentially there is debilitating anxiety that isn’t allowing the client to make decisions and move ahead with their life. Reversed could also indicate dishonesty, which could also lead to stomach problems.

The Chinese “spirit” associated with the spleen/ earth element is the Yi, or “intelligence”.

The yi is the part of our mind that can form intentions, and exercise discernment. An unbalanced Yi can create an overwhelming amount of internal chatter, which can negatively affect our ability to see the good in the world. That over-pensiveness can physically damage the energy that nourishes the earthy Spleen. We can spot healthy Yi when a person has a lot of bright, positive energy, when their intelligence is infused with spirit and when they have a clear understanding of their life and their circumstances

Doesn’t this line up beautifully with the King of Pentacles? He’s got all kinds of Yi-mojo.
All sorts of work ethic and energy.
Al kinds of warmth and comfort.
Confidently moving his pawns and knights to grow his empire, while thoroughly at ease, enjoying his fortune and his life.

What does this TCM stuff have to do with tarot? I personally blend tarot and healing. You can’t heal one part of the body, soul or mind, without affecting another. Here’s a few easy-peasy things a person can incorporate into their lives to boost their spleen vitality and earth energy:

1. Eat on a schedule. The spleen likes consistency. 2. Periods of prolonged stress damage the spleen. Relax! Meditate! Yoga! Practice mindfulness. 3. Eat small frequent meals, slowly. 4. Eat warm, cooked meals. Try to avoid raw cold foods for awhile. This will give your spleen a break. 🙂

element earth
herb alfafa
astrology Taurus / Capricorn (earth)
Affirmation/ Mantra: I have built the life of my dreams, and I deserve every wonderful thing that I have in my life

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