Supermoon 2014 – 2016

My inner astronomy geek is skipping today.
Last night’s moon was beautiful. Almost full, and happily hanging in the sky before the sun set- the large full moon looked fluorescent against the pinkish sky.

Tonight’s moon will be even better.
We are under the supermoon, or perigee moon tonight. The moon orbits the earth on an ellipse, and not on a perfect circle. So sometimes, (like tonight!) the full moon is on the part of the orbit that is closest to earth. The perigee supermoon will look about 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal, and when that’s paired with a low hanging end of summer moon, it is one of my favourite sights.

I love being outside under these moons. The bright silver light that is cast makes everything wonderful, and you can kiss your flashlights and lamps goodbye, because you can see pretty much everything.

Supermoon Myths

Folklore suggests that full moons and micro moons can bring on natural disasters and change human behaviour. Now, I know that science can’t prove that the moon’s orbit affects humans, but I can tell you that I tend to feel more creative around a full-moon. I have a hard time sleeping these nights, and often stay up into the wee hours of the morning creating, writing or painting.

The logical little voice that sits on my left shoulder says that’s probably because of a circadian rhythm, and that I stay awake because of the extra light. It whispers to me of melatonin. The intuitive creative voice that sits on my right shoulder speaks more about instinct than logic, and it tells me that I feel the moon because we are tied to the cycles of the earth in ways we can no longer understand.

How does the full moon affect the earth?
We do know that the perigee moon’s gravitational pull affects the ocean tides (leading to larger variations between high and low tides.) It also affects the animal kingdom. Animals actively hunt under the well-lit night sky, and according to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association emergency visits to the vet’s office goes up under full moons. (23% for cats, and 28% for dogs, respectively.)

One of the most fascinating effects of a full moon is the affect it has on some of earth’s most ancient lifeforms, like the spawning of coral.

With so much water in our bodies, I believe it has some effect on our bodies. Maybe someday quantum physics will prove me right.

The Celtic tree calendar tells us that we are under the Hazel moon, and that this month is good for gathering wisdom and knowledge, divination, and dreaming.

Some Native American fishing tribes call August the Sturgeon moon, because the fish were plentiful at this time of year. It is also called the Red Moon, because the sultry haze of summer gives the moon at this time of year a beautiful reddish hue.

Geek Fact FYI:
The opposite of the perigee moon is the apogee moon, or the micro moon. It can look about 14% smaller than a regular full moon, and we had one on January 16th of this year. The next micro moon occurs on March 5th, 2015.

Supermoon 2015 – 2106

2014 August 9
2015 Sep 28 –(Also a lunar eclipse!)also Lunar Eclispse!)
2016 Nov 14


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