Day 4: Divination in Business

Sacred Creators,
Welcome to day four of our Intuition Lab and to the continued deepening of our knowing.

Yesterday we met our dream clients in the emailed meditation, and we chatted about cymatics and how to be sure we aren’t steering the answers with our mind’s eye on the live call.

It was a full day!  We also loved hearing about the different ways our Lab members each receive intuitive information.

Today, we’re going to explore some divination tools for our sacred business. There are so many different methods of divination… and we are going to outline 5 below that are easy to do, and fun to experiment with! If there’s one on the list that you haven’t tried, or one that calls to you…. we suggest you jump in and give it a try!


Bibliomancy is divination using books. This is a wonderful starting point for those who have never used any divination methods before! To begin, simply ask a question, and open a book to a random page. Is there a word that jumps out for you? Where is your finger pointed? Can you force a lateral connection between the question you asked and the word, sentence or phrase that jumped out at you on the page? Allow yourself the space and time to make this connection. If will feel forced at first, but the messages can be profound.

Cartomancy is card-slinging. We’ve got lots of card-slingers in this group! (Using the Tarot , Lenormand and Oracle Cards for guidance.) If you don’t own cards, there are many free card randomizers online where you can do a free draw and see what comes up for you.

Crystal Gazing is using crystals to see symbols, shapes, etc. This is a form of scrying, and scrying can be done in a mirror, a bowl of water, a crystal ball, etc. (Almost any shiny surface will do!) Have you ever peered into your favourite crystal to see what’s there?

One of my favourite methods of “tech” divination includes taking a macro-photograph of the inside of a crystal and then checking it out later for clues and messages. Let you imagination do its thing… It’s amazing what you’ll find in there! 

Numerology is interpreting numbers, dates, letters and number sets for special meaning. {TIP: You can use this in your pricing!}

Tasseography is also known as tea leaf reading. Using any loose leaf tea, allow the leaves to sit in the bottom of your cup, and when you’re finished sipping your tea, take a peek to see what shapes, symbols or pictures are left in your cup by the left over tea leaves. Images and shapes that remain in a tea cup can be interpreted for meanings and messages.



We’ve included this How to Work With a Pendulum video to help you understand why it works, and how to use it to support you in making business decisions.

Download the PDF to record how your pendulum works. (This type of divination using a pendulum is a form of “Dowsing”.)


Share answers to the questions below with fellow Sacred Creators in our Facebook group:

• Did you try a new divination tool? What came up for you? Share your stories and photos in the group!

• What is a YES and a NO for you using a pendulum?

• After learning about micro-muscle movements in the video, would you feel comfortable using a pendulum to navigate your business decisions?


*** Special *** Live Q&A

Tomorrow is our last LIVE video in our Facebook group.  We’ll come together as a community during a live Intention Setting Ritual starting at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

What to bring:

• your intentions
• a candle

During the video we will also be announcing the winner of the Sacred Creators Oracle Deck!

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Happy exploring!

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