Day 3: Intuition for Your Sacred Business

Sacred Creators,
Welcome to day three of our Intuition Lab and to our continued wisdom explorations!

Yesterday we explored what our different intuitive senses feel like and uncovered our Dominant Intuitive Sense.  We also practiced deciphering the messages we receive from our intuition.  We loved hearing about the different ways our Lab members each receive intuitive information.   If you haven’t shared your experience yet, head on over to the Day 2 post in the group.  

Today, we’re going to discover how our intuition can support us in designing a sacred business filled with purpose, inspiration and joy.


As a soulpreneur, you might be trying to:

  • Figure out how to blend your array of unique talents, passions and gifts
  • Craft and price your delicious offerings
  • Launch your beautiful creation
  • Find the just-right words and images to explain why YOU and your THING is amazing
  • Understand who your clients are and what they need

These all require access to your creative muse, decision making and problem solving.  And who better to help than our friend, Intuition!

Today we are going use our intuition to help us attract the most amazing Dream Clients.

Ready to dive in?


Be sure to complete the audio lesson before jumping into the meditation – they build on each other.

Download the PDF to access the worksheets for the Lesson and the Meditation.



We’ve created this Future Client Meditation to help you understand and attract clients that bring you joy.

After the meditation, be sure to fill out the worksheet in the PDF.


Share answers to the questions below with fellow Sacred Creators in our Facebook group:

• In the Future Client Meditation, what did you tell your future client to let them know how they made you feel.

• In the Future Client Meditation, what is the message of gratitude that you received from your future client?


Live Q&A

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Happy exploring!

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