Day 2: Expanding intuition through awareness

Sacred Creators,
Welcome to day two of our Intuition Lab and to our wisdom explorations!

Yesterday we looked at some of the science behind meditation, and then dove into a guided meditation that helped us to tune in to our inner-knowing by connecting with our 3rd eye and activating our pineal gland. There were some amazing experiences shared on Facebook… guidance given, wisdom heard and sensations felt. If you haven’t stopped by to say hi, come join us in the group!  

Today, we’re going to investigate your Dominant Intuitive Sense and explore how awareness plays a key role in expanding your intuition. Today, we do a little bit of the WORK we need to do.

Intuition is a muscle, and today’s audio will lay the ground work for sensing different ways of connecting to who you already are, and to what you already know.


Awareness. Presence. Mindfulness in the everyday moments.

These are the KEYS to accessing your intuition.

The funny thing is, your intuition is talking to you all day long, reading into situations, picking up clues and sending you messages. But you might be missing the signals because you aren’t paying close attention.
Download the class PDF now to dig in!



We’ve designed a quiz to help you find out what your Dominant Intuitive Sense is. You may already have a feeling what your results may be, but give it a shot and see what you come up with!

Take the quiz here. It takes less than 2 minutes.


We’ve created this Guided Awareness Meditation to help you to explore the different intuitive senses to see what they feel like for you.  It’s also designed to help you understand how each sense might be speaking to you.

After the meditation, write down any visuals, feelings, sounds and/or knowings that became clear for you. Any noticings, sensations, aha’s.


Share answers to the questions below with fellow Sacred Creators in our Facebook group:

• What is your Dominant Intuitive Sense? What sense do you think is a close second?

• What does a YES look, feel, sound like to you?  What about a NO?


Live Q&A

Becca and I will be live in our Facebook group daily at 10am PST / 1pm EST to answer any questions. Please join us!

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Happy exploring!

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