Day 1: Awakening Your Intuition

Welcome Sacred Creators!

We are delighted to welcome you to the Soulpreneur Intuition Lab, a 5 Day mini-course made for you – the lightworking soulpreneur who wants to build your business using strategy and intuition.

We invite you to remain curious and open-minded as we experiment with this powerful mix of “business-by-the-book” and intentional intuitive practices.

Why intuition?
We believe that there is no faster way to build your dream than by accessing your inner knowing – and we want you to create a life that you absolutely love!

We welcome all of you to this course. ALL of YOU. Bring your hopes, your fears, your worries, your questions, your dreams, your successes and your challenges. The group of wisdom keepers that have already gathered in the facebook group is awe-inspiring, and if we can’t answer any of your questions, we have no doubt that someone in the group has your answer.

The group is already charged with so much potential for amazing positive change, and the energy present is palpable. We can’t wait to see what we uncover as we experiment and play with our intuition over the next 5 days!



Click to download the workbook for Day One’s Lesson.
Please be sure to read through before diving into the guided visualization.


Today’s Guided Meditation was designed to help you connect with your 3rd eye, active your pineal gland and bring you to an alpha or theta brainwave state where you can begin to awaken, activate and trust your intuition.

Please find a quiet and distraction free space to listen to this 10 minute meditation. Let your busy brain stuff fade away so that you can fall deep into your intuitive state. It’s your permission slip to forget about your to-to list for a few moments. Enjoy! 

Don’t have time for it?

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day, unless you are too busy — then you should sit for an hour”. ~ Author Unknown

Please make the time – your mind, body, spirit and business will thank you later. 😉

After the meditation, write down any visuals, feelings, sounds and/or knowings that became clear for you. (You an log any noticings, sensations, aha’s on the worksheet that is attached to the pdf.)


Share answers to the questions below with fellow Sacred Creators in our Facebook group:

• What message, wisdom or guidance did you receive from Grandmother Moon?

• How did you feel after the meditation?

• How did the meditation influence your day?


Live Q & A

Becca and I will be live in our Facebook group daily at 10am PST / 1pm EST to answer any questions. Please join us!

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Happy exploring!


P.S. Lab is always better with a buddy. If you have a few soulpreneur sisters that might benefit from our 5 Day Soulpreneur Intuition Lab, please share this link with them so they can sign up –