You are a Sacred Creator,
and you can actively
co-create your future

☾ The 2nd edition is on the way, with a few brighter cards and some minor tweaks to bring more sunlight into the deck.

What’s your soul creating? This is an oracle system meant for the soulpreneurs, the craftspeople, the makers and the creators of the world. It was created as a tool to help bring big sacred dreams to fruition – for your business or your life.

Like all oracle decks, it includes a set of cards that have meanings and messages. You can ask the deck about a situation, and the deck will give you an answer, an idea, or a new way to think about your options.

This oracle deck and guidebook are wonderful tools to help creators as they put their plans into motion! Gain clarity on your situation, bring your goals into alignment with your soul, and bring intuition into your daily life.

It is firmly rooted in the belief that life happens for you and not to you, and it’s messages help move you closer to your goals.

It will help you to plan your soul journey towards your big sacred dream, to bring your creator self to the forefront and to help you to take control of where your path is headed. I am so excited to share this magical tool with the world!

It is soul-preneurial in nature,
and is meant to help you
bring your projects to life

  • 67 Oracle cards printed on luxurious 400gsm cardstock, with gilded (gold!) edges and a silky matte finish. These feel wonderful when shuffling!
  • The 270 page Guidebook that does a deep dive on the meaning of each card, and includes links to some online material (audio tracks, guided meditations, etc.)
  • All boxed in a beautiful hardboard box to keep all the pieces together. This is a beautiful oracle deck!
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