Pull oracle cards and then dig into your metrics. Meditate. Or whatever floats your soul. The important thing is to make working toward your goals fun. And badass. And highly focused on your success!




I’m a brand strategist and a design therapist, and I love helping people to tune into their intuition, and to find joy along with their success! I would love to be your brand guide as you build your dream. I’ve worked with all sorts of different companies and people, from CIBC (Canada’s largest bank) to the fledgling entrepreneurs who are just getting their wings wet and who are ready to really accelerate their business success.

My methods are part tried-tested-and-strategic, and part love-your-soul-unorthodox, and for my clients, this balance of biz and true purpose just works. {We run a logo and brand design / graphics through a sister company called Pixelbrand Creative.} We work on websites, naming, strategic packaging and getting you seen and heard. And before we do that we like to make sure you’ve got your soul path dialled.

I would love to hear more about your project and explore how we can work together to build your big sacred dream.

Brand Sessions:
1-on-1 Guidance

80 minute power branding
via Skype


Branding & Magic
Group Program


6 week course : Intuition & Branding


Manifest Being Seen
Group Course

30 days of Manifesting Being Seen Starts Feb 2021
(Using social media, intention and connection!)


I’d love to hear about your big sacred dream

Connect with Chris-Anne

I’d love to hear about your big sacred dream

Connect with Chris-Anne

Clarity Around My Unique Gifts

“When I was introduced to Chris-Anne I had two websites. One represented the more professional aspects of my personality, and the other my calm, joyful, and spiritual side. I wanted one website that was authentically me, but had no idea how to make that happen. Chris’ talent for understanding the intuitive side of people’s work and then coming up with a plan for branding gave me clarity around my unique gifts, and the confidence to trust my intuition in offering them to the world. I now hear comments like “Your website totally reflects your incredible essence as a person.”

I am so grateful for the opportunity to co-create this with someone like Chris and her team who are extremely professional, creative and inspiring.”

Linda Murdough,
Life Transition Coach