The valknut can represent:
• Odin
• the afterlife
• protection against death
• protection against the spirits
• 3 realms – earth, heaven, hell
• The 9 points correspond to the 9 worlds or the 9 fates in Norse mythology
• Sweeping life changes
• Inner transformation
• Cyclical relationships

Everyday use:
This symbol is used today by followers of the Asatru religion as a sign of faith.

Other names:
Hrungnir’s heart
Heart of the slain
Heart of Vala

Of Interest:
Valknut is old Norse, made of the words valr, “slain warriors” + knut, “knot”. It is one of the most highly discussed symbols of Norse mythology. This enigmatic symbol was found on many Germanic objects and on ancient stone artwork.

The symbol was also placed on funeral monuments, most likely used a as a sign of rebirth of reincarnation.