• protection
• unity
• mother, maiden, crone
• father, son, holy spirit
• mind, spirit, body
• past, present, future

Other Names:
Celtic Knot

Modern Use:
In contemporary Ireland it is traditional to give a loved one a triquetra trinket, representing the three promises of a relationship: love, honor, and protection.

Of Interest:
Triquetra is a latin word that meant “three-cornered shape” The triquetra was created by the ancient Celts. This Celtic symbol for trinity may have been a symbol for the three Bridgits. (Also written Brigid or Brighid.) Bridgit is a triple-deity with two sisters, also named Brigit. She was an aspect of Danu, who is the patron of poetry, healing and medicine, arts and crafts, sacred wells, and the arrival of early spring. She was one powerful goddess!

The triquetra is often seen in Insular art (post-Roman influence of British Isles.) The best known example is the Book of Kells.