Triple Spiral Meaning:
• personal growth
• spiritual expansion
• intuition

Motion of spirals:
• action / movement
• cycles
• progress

• spirit, mind, body
• past, present, future
• life, death, rebirth
• holy trinity
• 3 Celtic realms of earth, sea, sky

Other Names:
Spiral of Life

Modern Use:
Used as symbol for the Isle of Man (appears on banknotes!)
Also used in Italy to symbolize Sicily

Of Interest:
The triple spiral is a beautifully meditative symbol that was found on Irish Megalithic and Neolithic sites. (Celtic and pre-Celtic!)

The Greek “Triskelion” means three-legged.

While predominantly Celtic, the triple spiral has also been found in Buddhist writings.

The center of the spirals, or the hub, represents the unity of the three powers. (3 could be the three Brigits, mother/maiden/crone, etc.)