The broken arrow represents:
Peace. In North American tribes, breaking an arrow represented a cease fire.

Of Interest:
The sun cross is a frequent remnant of pre-historic cultures. It was very common in the Neolithic and Bronze Age, as well as being used in North American native iconography. It represents the 4 directions or the the 4 sacred elements of air, fire, eath and water (native), and the chief god in Germanic paganism (Woden) and in Nordic paganism (Odin.) As Odin’s cross, the sun-cross symbolized the turning of life into death. (Cycle of life.) It is sometimes called the cardinal cross, with North, South, East and West as Cardinal Points. It’s the planetary symbol for earth. (Being known as the sun cross makes this meaning confusing, but symbology often is!) Also called the Aquarian cross / Astrological Cross, it represents the 4 identities of self, emotional, intellectual and the actual manifestation of the identity. The sun cross appears in Christian symbolism as the celtic cross