Quairtra Symbol Meaning:
• fire
• transformation
• cleansing
• completion
• purification

Not a lot is known of the Gothic runes. They are thought to have been used for religious dedications, and they were created in the middle of the 4th century when a bishop named Ulfila created a new alphabet (based on the Norse Elder Furthark rune set) to write Christian teachings in it.

It is an ancient symbol for fire.

Of Interest:
The oldest rune-row set was found on the Gothic monument called the Kylver stone (About 400CE). As I was investigating this rune, some websites stated that the Quairtra symbol was etched into this stone, but I don’t see it here as part of the original carving, and I don’t usually see it associated with the Elder Furthark set of runes. (Photo on left of the Kylver stone from wikipedia commons.)

I am still investigating where this rune comes from.
It is a beautiful form, nevertheless.

And the fire symbolism makes it all the better!