The meanings of Ogham Symbol Elder: R for Ruis
• Elder Is the tree of the 13th lunar month (Nov 25th – Dec 22nd)
• protection
• healing
• sleep and rejuvenation
• cycle of birth and death
Also Called:
(pronounced “Roo-eesh”)
The Ogham R:
The Celtic ogham R stands for Ruis. Ruis is an elder tree. The tree lore of ruis connects it with the time of the winter solstice and goddess spirituality. It is also strongly connected with the fae. It has a light wood core that can be easily hollowed to create an elder flute, said to communicate with the Celtic Otherworld and the fair folk.
Ruis in Divination:
The Ogham symbol Ruis suggests a cycle – a time of a beginning and of an end of something that you are working on or waiting for. Ruis is a tree that symbolizes the cycle of life, and it counsels us to enjoy life now. The death of something in your life is only the beginning of a new time, new growth, and a new cycle.

Ruis offers a spark of inspiration… or awen. It nudges you to take hold of that inspiration and to let go of the things in life that have been holding you back.

Ruis may suggest that you are experiencing or going to experience a disagreement with someone. You may be in a legal dispute with someone, and Ruis suggests that you let go to past assumptions and past definitions of how things are meant to be in order to move ahead.

Elder is known as the witches’ tree. It is the crone – the wise woman sage of the shortest day and the longest night. It has lived many generations and has great advice. If it considered highly unlucky to cut the tree! Any berrie left on the tree after Samhain is said to make a potent winter solstice wine, that aids in clairvoyance and intuition during the Yule sabbat ritual or during the last full moon of the year.

Elder is a tree that constantly regenerates, and thousands of years of trees can sprout in the same spot. Because of this, it is a symbol of change, spiritual growth, and the ability to endure whatever challenges you may be facing. It is a tree that reminds us of the wisdom of the ancestors, or the elders – and of past experiences that make us who we are today.

It can also help us to connect to the mother crone, the fae and to female deities.

Ruisin Healing:
Ruis is a potent healing plant, both medicinally and magically.

The ogham symbol can be used to help people let go. Some people are too serious, too grounded, and too stuck in their ways. All they need to do is let go to enjoy life again. The essence of Ruis can help us with this task.

When using an energywork modality like Celtic reiki the symbol can help with stomach aches and rheumatism.

The berries can be made into a panacea that works for sore throats, flus and coughs. It’s an excellent cold remedy with vitamins A, B, and C and high levels of anti-oxidants.

An ointment can be made of the leaves for insect bites and can to heal fear, to allow us to let go of old trauma and to move forward with certainty and clarity.

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