The meaning of the chaos symbol:
• scattering energy
• velocity
• 8 directions
• all possibilities
• creativity and new forms
• quickly shifting paradigm

Other Names
• Arms of Chaos
• Arrows of Chaos
• The Chaos Star
• The Chaos Cross
• The Symbol of Eight

Of Interest:
Chaos theory suggests that small changes at the beginning of a trajectory will create large changes in the distant future. This is often called the butterfly effect.

The chaos star has – as one would expect from a star that symbolizes chaos – has very distinct interpretations. Because many people understand the word chaos to represent a negative situation, the symbol has been used in pop culture to mean evil, negativity, and destruction. I’ve even seen it listed as a satanic symbol. (One has to expect such things of Hollywood!)

On the flip side, the chaos star can represent the idea of many possibilities, as opposed to a single arrow that shows one path as law. In this interpretation, the star is really a beautifully positive and inclusive symbol, and urges open-mindedness and tolerance to other’s experiences, along with creativity and an lovely blend of different possibilities.

The symbol is often used by modern day chaos magicians, or “chaotes.” Chaos witches blend rituals from different belief systems and creatively etch out new and unconventional methods of magic. (Or magick, in a post-post modern magical world.) ;) Creativity and belief are the keys to this form of practice, and a very unique element to their work is that they tap into a variety of beliefs as they need them, in order to be the most effective depending on the situation.