Gordian Knot Meaning:
• creativity
• thinking outside the box
• three forces of the universe (positive, negative and neutral)
• clarity
• holy trinity

Other Names:
Celtic Knot
(see celtic knot meaning)

Eternity Knot

Of Interest:
Often associated with Alexander the Great, who cut Gordias’ knot with his sword. (Year: 333BC) An oracle prophesied that the one who unbound the knot would become the King of Asia, and Alexander cut the knot with his wit and cunning, rather than trying to untie it.

It is said that the Gordian Knot, which signifies an intractable problem or an impossible knot, can help open one’s mind to see difficult situations more clearly and with renewed hope and energy.

It is also said that it helps to problem solve by thinking out of the box.

In sacred geometry, the Gordian knot has a mystical meaning. It can be formed from a torus tube, (a donut shape) and is considered to be the first shape that emerged. The Torus is the shape around all atoms, and all cosmic bodies such as planets, and all life. It is the shape of existence.