The meanings of the Flower of Life symbol:
• life
• secret of life
• enlightenment
• creation
• feminine and masculine
• left and right brain hemispheres

Seen in Egyptian, Phoenician, Assyrian, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Celtic and medieval art.

Other Names:
Metatron (Similar)

Of Interest:
The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that is drawn with multiple, overlapping circles that are evenly spaced. It is considered to be a geometric symbol based on perfect form and proportion- admired by artists, architects and philosophers around the world.

The symbol is considered to be sacred geometry, depicting fundamental forms of life. The flower of life represents space and time, and is considered to be a visual Akashic Record of the basic pattern, or blueprint of information for life.

It was used in Alchemy, and Metatron’s Cube was made up of some of these images.
Leonardo DaVinci’s drawings include the flower of life and sacred geometrical symbols.