The meanings of Ogham Symbol Pine: A for Ailm
• healing
• protection
• purification
• a sense of home
• fertility
• showing the way or the path

Also Called:
Ailim (pronounced “Arlm”)

The Ogham A:
The Celtic ogham A stands for Ailm. Ailm means conifer – or Scot’s Pine / Spruce / Silver Fir. In tree lore the conifers of Ailm are associated with healing, and a person’s life work and divine purpose.

Ailm in Divination:
Ailm asks you to connect your past and your future to your present. It suggests looking at the both what’s behind you, and what’s ahead of you- in order to really understand why and how you are where you are today.

Pine knots were used as torches in the Celtic past, and as Yule logs meant to light spaces for weeks at a time. Aillm is especially associated with the winter solstice, the time Ailm spreads light and allows us to see clearly in the dark. Ailm is the use of foresight and planning to carefully see your way forward.

You may be living as if traumatic experiences in the past are still a reality in your present, and if that is the case use the Ailm symbol to help you to move forwards, and leave the past behind. Ailm urges us to let go of fear, and reminds us that we are safe. Ailm can also symbolize a journey to a faraway place, although the journey may be symbolic in nature – a spiritual journey and the growth of the soul.

Ailm in Healing:
Ailm can to heal fear, to allow us to let go of old trauma and to move forward with certainty and clarity.
It can help connect a spiritual traveller to their guides, or to their ancestors.

It can be used to help those who have a deep rooted sense of loss or guilt, and those who cannot see a worthwhile future no matter which way they look.

It can also be used to help with astral projection, to connect a soul to its purpose and to strengthen intuition.

An infusion can be made to help with the respiratory tract, and to help clear blocked sinuses some people inhale the steam of boiled needles or resin.