The meanings of Algiz:
• protection
• a shield (elk’s horns)
• communication with the divine
• higher self
• awakening
• best defines is a good offence¿
• drawing on inner strength

Also Called:

Of Interest:
The rune symbolizes the horns of the elk, and it is a powerful protection rune.

It also is the rune that represents the Norse God Heimdall.

You see Heimdell reaching up, sword and horn in hand as he guards Asgard. It can also be seen as elk horns, protection the beast below. The horns extend beyond the top of the head and into the spirit world. In this interpretation, Algiz is a rune the higher self, and an opening of spiritual awareness, in tune with the higher self.

Algiz in Divination:
Algiz is the wisdom of the universe unfolding, holding you and your highest good in it’s protection. The universe is infinitely wise, and while we may not always be able to understand the whys of the hows of its ways, we should remember that we are part of the plan and that right now we are exactly where we need to be in order to learn what we need to learn. Trust the universe and its plan for you.

Of course when one is connected with the universe, their forces and the higher self one is divinely protected. Algiz asks us to turn within, to connect to our higher self and to act in alignment with our truth. Algiz can ask us to follow our instincts when we are making decisions, to get in touch with what we really want. It can also counsel us to protect it.

Algiz reversed:
When rune casting, the reversed rune can mean a stagnation or a block in the positive properties of the rune. In this case it can mean hidden danger, or a loss of connection to the higher self. It is time to really search within and to open up your connection with the part ot your heart that understands what is best for you in the future. .