The 7 pointed star:
• magical<<
• fairy / fae magic
• victory
• power
• unconditional love
• harmony and balance
• peace

Other Names:
The Elven Star
Current Use: 
Fairy Magic &
Some branches of Wicca
Of Interest:
Seven is a special number in many traditions: It is connected with the 7 pillars of wisdom, 7 days of creation,

and in the Kabbalah it’s connected to the sphere of victory.

7 in numerology is the seeker and the thinker, always searching for the truth.

While the pentagram, or 5 pointed star, symbolizes man and the elements (air, fire, earth, water and spirit), the septa gram (7 points) has a complex and magical interpretation of the points. (the sun, the wood, the sea, the magic, the moon, the wind, the connection)

It has been interpreted as a bridge of a realm between worlds. Alchemists used the 7 pointed star to represent the 7 elements of the world, Christians have used the star to represent the 7 days of creation, and the Cherokee people use a 7 pointed star that symbolizes peace.