By Lauren Barber

Lauren Barber is an Intuitive Business Mentor, Writer and Yoga Teacher. Her work supports other space holders on their journey to find their truth, inspire others and build a brand and business that brings them freedom, fulfilment and fun.

I am relatively new to using Oracle decks, however I had my eye on The Sacred Creators Oracle Deck months ago – and in true manifesting magic they showed up in my life at the exact time they were needed.

From day one of having these cards in my possession, the most powerful message of TRUTH has come through for me. Every single reading reminds me that I cannot hide my truth any more, and for some unknown reason knowing I have this deck by my side has become a huge confidence boost to me.

I had a dream of incorporating readings into my business mentoring sessions, however until recently I hadn’t felt the courage to do it. Something I instil in my clients is that by NOT sharing our truth, we are in fact not only doing a disservice to ourselves, but also to the people who need to hear our honest, genuine messages, and so it became apparent that I couldn’t NOT share this desire to incorporate the cards into my sessions with people.

Thanks to the guidance of these beautiful cards, I did mymy first Intuitive Biz Forecast for the month of August and shared it on my website. It felt like one of the most freeing – yet daunting – experiences yet, and I have shared some very vulnerable moments before now around my own personal wellbeing!

My intention with this spread is to receive guidance and direction towards the areas I need to focus on in order to grow my business…

Card 1 – What do I need to focus on today in order to grow my business?
Card 2 – What can I focus on this week to help make progress in my work?
Card 3 – What is the focus for this month to ensure my business keeps evolving?
Card 4 – What will help me grow my business beyond this month?
Card 5 – What is going to support me in this journey over the next month?

Doing this at the beginning of the calendar month – or you could also do it at different lunar phases – helps focus the attention towards growth in your business, and then a simple daily card draw helps you take the next baby step.

You can view the forecast and download the PDF of the spread here.(

Not only do these cards resonate deeply with me, but my clients absolutely love them and they always produce a fantastic point of conversation during our mentoring sessions. They allow me to combine the intuitive soulful side of my work, with the practical strategic planning elements.

In addition, using cards in mentoring sessions and with other soulful and creative entrepreneurs, brings an element of fun and playfulness, and that is something that I deeply encourage, to help us connect to our joy, passion and fulfilment in our everyday life.

The Sacred Creators Oracle deck is now a hugely important tool in my business, along with my other daily practices such as meditation, movement, journaling and self care. As a creative business owner, I am continually looking for ways that I can connect in a more deeper way to my own truth and therefore inspire and empower others to do the same – this deck has been a true gift.

Lauren Barber


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