When you can think about money as your energetic exchange with the Universe you will be able to call more of that financial abundance into your life by simply being in flow and aligned with what you are up to.

And yes, I really honestly totally get how law-of-attraction-like and even flakey this may sound. And double yes, it actually is freaking magical the way your finances click into place when you find your sweet spot and start working from a place of belief, flow and alignment of purpose.

But you’ve got to get yourself on board. (Yeah… your whole self. Even that jerkoff inner-critic and that little nasty naysayer who tells you that while your citrine crystals may be pretty, they aren’t doing a damn thing for your bank account. Even that guy needs to be on board. Or at least have one foot through the door.)

Because I can tell you from experience that those little voices matter.

And they matter a lot.

They are your inner reality, and they dictate what your outer reality will be.

All of this self-healing and self growth stuff that we are doing can take time. So you may not begin banking a 6 or 7 figure income after doing a few weeks of meditation, but I can tell you that you’ll begin to *feel into* the direction that is the path that you need to take in order to get there.

I promise you that ever since I stepped into the sweet spot of trust… that the universe has looked after my money for me. (And I’m not talking about having an oracle deck on the market, or even the past few years of my life.)

I’m talking years and years ahead of this when I was working long hours on other people’s designs for zero satisfaction… way back when I was being ripped off and unappreciated and totally taken advantage of with my work. (Yep, I’ve been there.)

When I finally decided that I’d had more than enough of that, I realized that what I really desired to create for my life wasn’t about how much money I made hourly, or about the design work I was doing at all. I realized that I wanted to create something that felt inspiring to me. I didn’t want inspiration to be something that came and left… and left … and left….. because I knew that I wanted to FEEL inspired to create every day. And I knew I wanted to create things that mattered to my soul.

So I began paying attention to that inspiration.

I began healing my rift with my abused muse, by offering her exciting side projects and small hopeful ideas. Moments of play time. Music she loved. I began to speak wishes that I had never dared to voice. And desires that I didn’t really think I was worthy of. And I dreamt of place that I didn’t fully trust I was ever going to able to reach.

Those musings slowly grew into a feeling of WHY NOT ME? Others get this. Why couldn’t I?

Some people inspired me to move ahead. And others made my angry with myself that I wasn’t already doing the thing I wanted to be doing. I leaned into all those feelings of inspiration and creator angst, and stared at them. Every. Single. Day.

As I gave them space to grow in my heart they turned from nice ideas to bona fide goals.

I began to fire the clients that were abusive. And I began to set healthy boundaries around time and money. And I began to pay attention to my money because, I realized one day that I was constantly saying things like “I’m not motivated by money” and “ Money isn’t important to me.” I realized I was wearing that “I don’t care about money” belief like a badge of honor. It was almost as if it made me feel like a better person or something, because I didn’t care about that superficial thing. I didn’t need it.

Yet I secretly wanted to live more abundantly. And my denial around my desires for money made me feel okay about not having very much of it. And then I patted myself on the back for “being a good person” because I didn’t have a surplus of money.

Well the Universe was listening and – guess what? It didn’t give me any extra until I started to change my own internal dialogue around money.

I had to own that I was energetically being a martyr. That I was energetically pushing money away because I didn’t want to be one of those assholes with a ton of money who didn’t care about anything else, because I thought that just having money would make me a bad person. Because I had the crazy notion that money was evil.

I had a lot of things to get past.

But I kept working on being inspired, and worthy, and ready…
And I kept on creating and imagining.
And eventually my desire to be inspired every day took over, because my muse was alive and well, kicking the door in every morning with badass ideas and hot cups of you-can-totally-do-this…. and let’s-be-brave!

And every morning I indulged her and drank her kool-aid, and wondered if I would ever be able to make any money doing what I really loved. And… I kept creating. Quietly. Envisioning. Dreaming. Testing. Trying.
Because I know with every fiber of my soul that the Universe meets us at action.

And here’s the fun part:
The MOMENT I decided to tell people what I was doing, and really step into that THING that really scared me… the moment I declared that I was going to create something magical and begin to help those around me by anabashedly sharing myself…. the Universe turned it’s head my way and took notice. It began to send me the right coaches, the right people, the right unexpected cheque, the right advice and the right opportunities.
And guess what? I was able to turn all of those RIGHT things into money.

I have a magical relationship with money these days.

For real.

I don’t stress about it like I used to. When I need to make some fast cash I know that I’m going to gifted an email with a really cool work proposal. It usually takes about 3 days to arrive. When I’m not looking and not fretting, deposits just happen and I can look at my bank account and breath EASY. Some days I wonder where it all came from. Some days I pinch myself and say No f*cking way, is that my bank account? Seriously? I still wonder why it’s so much easier to make money doing what I love, compared to when I was working my ass off a million hours a day doing what I didn’t.

So I’m a work in progress…. Every day. And I still question things.

My unconscious belief system gets funky some days, and those are the days that I begin to doubt, fret, worry… and can easily fall back into lack mentality.

This is especially true if I’ve recently broken a new record in my monthly sales, or I’ve accomplished something that I never thought possible. The mind has a funny way of throwing us backwards into non-abundant thinking if our inner barometer isn’t feeling worthy or deserving of where we are at at any given time.

There’s a un-written law here that I see working in our lives:

Our external world must reflect our internal world and our internal beliefs, or else things will get crazy and chaotic really quickly as the Universe pushes the pieces around to bring us into balance.

Or said another way:
Your heart and your soul and your mind will make your inner world a reality.

This summer we bought a brand new boat, and that was totally outside of what I used to believe was possible for my life. (She’s named THE ORACLE, in case you’re wondering, and she’s big and black and totally sexy.) And even though I love the memories that she’s already gifted us, let me just share for a moment how she sent me running backwards in time…. right back into my old lack mentality, faster than I knew was possible.

Buying a brand new boat?
Without knowing it, I was outside of what I believed I deserved. And it sent me spinning energetically into money blocks and massive doubt.

I was panicking about the boat. Literally… panicking.
The first few months were anxiety- ridden, and I was so stressed out that every time I tried to get into the boat I was a wreck. I was worried that we would scratch it or sink it… sure… but more illogically I worried for my future and my life.

So I had to sit down and take a really good logical look at my fear.

This is more or less how my internal chat went:

Hey Chris. You’re being insane.
You’re afraid. The boat, for some reason, has made you really afraid.

Hell yes.

So what’s up? You’re so afraid that you’re worrying not only about money, but you’re also worrying about your life. Does that seem logical?

Hell yes.

Um. Okay. You’ve done the financial stuff. It looks good. This is not about the money is it? Hmmmmmmm. Yes.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Certain death.

Well that’s ridiculous. You could sell the boat if you had to. Move if you had to. But you’ll be fine! Where’s your abundance mindset? (If you’re reading along you may see the sarcasm in my logical mind speaking to my inner-crazed-fearful-lunatic about abundance mentality.)

I’m afraid.

You’re on a small lake, and you know how to swim.
And you have a life jacket. A cell phone. Extra food.

I know

If the boat sinks right now, with 5 feet of water… will you be okay?


Okay, so what’s up?

I’m afraid that I will lose everything I worked so hard for. I’m afraid the boat will affect my future. My business. My freedom. My inspiration.

How would it do that, exactly?

I dunno.

Ahhhh. I see what’s going on here. Do you think deserve a boat?

This is bigtime.

Uh huh. It is. What’s the problem?

I’m not sure I deserve this. Does this make me a bad person? Will people not like me if I have a boat?

And just like that my old beliefs surfaced because I had done something that broke old ideas of what I could do with my life.

So I had to work on that deserving. It started out logically and then it moved it’s way into energy world. And finally…FINALLY I was able to integrate new beliefs about what I could, and couldn’t do.

Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world,