Listening to the heart’s messages, intuition, and saving a life

Yesterday we had an exciting morning.
A morning that reminded me that the heart sometimes reads situations faster than the mind, and that serendipity can save lives.

So let me set this up.

We go for brunch on Sunday mornings. It’s our thing. Hubby and I usually meet my parents for waffles or eggs, along with unlimited coffee refills at a local breakfast grill. We always go at noon. Always.

Yesterday, my husband decided out of the blue that he wanted to go earlier than normal, and we met my parents at our regular table at 10:30 instead. We sat like we do every week, and began to eat our Sunday morning breakfast.

It was yummy for sure. But breakfast on it’s own is not worth a blog post….  so here’s the exciting part…

A man at the other end of the restaurant stood up during his meal, waved at his neck and began going beet red. My husband realized immediately that he was choking. We watched the wait staff make their way over to him, and watched as they gawked at him and then at each other. Then they all sort of slowed down to a frozen panic.  The man’s wife was sitting in front of him watching in confusion, and the rest of the restaurant patrons sat in a silent trance; mouths wide open.

I took a quick scan of the room, and it registered that none of the waitstaff were on the phone calling for 911.
So no ambulance was on the way yet –

For me, the whole world slowed down to a very deep pulse as I realized in horror that the waitress’ super soft taps on the man’s back were going to leave him breathless, passing out and passing away in front of us before the ambulance could ever arrive. Now of course my mind flashed to the Heimlich Manouvre. I have done my first aid courses, but I know that I don’t have the upper body strength to perform this very well on a tall, large male. Could I do this? The answer no came to my mind before I had asked the question. Then my mind flashed to my husband, who had – quite serendipitously – just retaken his first aid. He had also just performed the Heimlich on our poor little Westie.

Now I know dogs and people are different.
I do. I really do.

But the basic principle is the same, right? Push on diaphragm, force obstruction out.

Our dog had greedily devoured some organic chicken breast without chewing, and then he approached my husband, licking the air without a noise while panicking, hubby noticed something was wrong. When the dog started to fall over because he wasn’t breathing my husband intuited that he wasn’t getting air. He put his hands on his nose, checked – and then he went into auto pilot, pushing right underneath our Westie’s little ribs in the abdomen area until the little stinker popped that piece of chicken out and began wagging his tail again.
My mind went to that Westie moment.

It reminded me that we were there early.

It reminded me that my husband had just retaken his first aid. AND He saved our dog a few weeks ago.
Could this all be adding up to being here for a reason… and that reason is to help this man?

My heart decided yes in a split second, and I tapped my husband on the back to break the spell of stopped time and I urged him confidently,
“Go help him, Amor. Go. You know what to do.

That was all he needed. He didn’t hesitate, and he ran across the restaurant and put his hand in front of the man’s mouth to see if there was breath coming out. He told him he was going to try to give him the Heimlich and the man couldn’t respond. His eyes just darted in panic as he fought for breath. His face was deep red at this point.

My wonderful, brave, and beautiful husband gracefully put himself behind the man, left worries about inadequacy and liability aside, and he gave the stranger 3 very strong, very loud pulls under the rib cage. (My hubby was grunting with force each time he lifted the man back and up against his chest.)

It was then that my logical mind caught up with my heart and thought {{ OH NO. what if it doesn’t work, and my husband has a man die in his arms? What will this do to him? How will this affect him? I was listening to the heart. I forgot to check in with the mind. I forgot to think of consequences. I had been running on total intuition mode.

Oh goddess. Please let this work. }}

On the third tough pull, the man spit up a piece of meat and we watched him begin to breath again.

The man started cry. Shaking, he sat down at the table and looked at his wife, in shock, and in gratitude and in awe. He rubbed his eyes, then pulled himself together enough to give my husband his hand and a very heartfelt thank you.

I am so proud of my husband. 

So proud of his intuition for wanting to go earlier then usual.

So in love with serendipity for giving him a practice run with our beloved little Westie.

So sure that we were in the right place at the right time, and so very thankful that the heart gives us messages to GO, to RUN and to ACT.

Listening to those messages is the right thing to do. And it’s moments like this, moments when we can rejoice in our action, and rejoice in listening to the heart as it pushes you into something that is frightening – it is in these moments that I know that listening to the heart is often more important than waiting for the logical mind to work everything out.


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