3 Tips for Soulpreneurs : Launching your Heart-Centered Business

Launching a heart-centered business?

Are you a soulpreneur or a spirit-preneur?
Wonderful! It’s a big jump to launch out on your own, and I congratulate you for being here, and for doing your business homework.

If you are in the planning stages, the start-up phase or the rocking-and-rolling-a-little-bit phase, you have reason to give yourself a solid pat on the back. (It’s hard to pat your own back, but you should do it.)

Launching a new business is a giant undertaking and requires a lot of courage, vision and perseverance… but it is more than worth it in the end.
Being an entrepreneur is rewarding in so many ways. Not only are you no longer confined behind a money-ceiling (the sky’s the limit when you are your own boss!), but you are also free to take your time into your own hands and create a schedule based on the type of life you want to live.

Are you a Soulpreneur in the making?

Soulpreneurs, or entrepreneurs with hearts of gold– are a special blend of folk who are generally wanting to make a difference in the world. They are the healers and the musicians, the poets and the philosophers of our time. They aren’t happy with the status quo, and they have an idea for a business that will help make changes for the greater good. Soulpreneurs generally walk to the beat of their own drum.

{Heck, if you are a soulpreneur there’s a pretty good chance that you are the one beating the heck out of that drum, and making music for everyone else to enjoy.}

When you are launching your heart-centered business there are a few things that can make your life easier, and a few common pitfalls that I see new business-owners make time and time again (especially the sensitive and lovely souls that launch heart-based companies.)

1. Own it. Be authentic.

Life and walk in your own wild.

The world loves people who own their unique talents and unique personalities, and who aren’t afraid to show them off.
This can be intimidating, I know! But dig deep and pull out your honest truth and then bring that into your business. The biggest mistake I see heart-centered entrepreneurs make when they start their businesses is that they are afraid that people will judge them as “not professional” – and then they begin to mold a business around a watered down version of themselves.  This is so soooo *SO* common. People work with people that they like. They are also drawn to others who have the courage and the confidence to shape their own path. Put the best version of YOU into your business, instead of a less-than-vibrant but very safe one.

2. Draw from your multiple talents

Niche niche niche. I hear it all the time. The problem with niching from the get-go is that you may not be offering a product or service that you could be offering – and this could be your best seller. So definitely choose your offerings wisely. Pick 2 or 3 that you absolutely *love* and then market test those ideas.

You can niche market. Niche advertise. Set your mailing lists up in niche categories.

If it really feels like you are cutting an arm off when someone tells you to narrow down your service selection, then my advice to you is don’t do it. You will learn very quickly by testing what is working for you and what isn’t. Test on the fly, because you can narrow later.

3. Connect. Love. Be inspired by those who are doing it well.

Checking out the competition can be a  daunting task. It can be an extremely negative experience for some, and extremely positive for others. If you fall on the negative side of the equation here, this is a moment when radical re-framing is needed. As a business owner you will need to learn how to watch and learn from your competition without feeling
• like you can’t do it anymore, because someone on the planet is already doing it
• like you will never be able to do it as well
• down on yourself because someone else is doing what you want to be doing.

{yep. the extreme negative here.}

Instead, we need to be able to check out the competition and feel happy for them, inspired to work harder and do more, and with our intuitive feelers on to potentially learn from them and use their experience as a springboard.

So connect with your competition! If your a social media savvy business owner then say hello online.
Reach out on twitter. Follow them on twitter and see what they are tweeting about. Use the retweet button!
Watch their campaigns and promotions and see what sorts of tactics they are using to peddle their wares.

I’ve had people wonder how receptive they will be to competing business owners.
The truth is, most people who are successful in their business and who have been up and running for a awhile will be receptive to meeting competition. They will be happy to “shop-talk” over coffee and laugh about best and worst customer quirks.
If they’re not, then chalk it up to their bizarre way of interacting with the world and know that that weirdo vibe they give off is probably affecting their relationships will their clients too.

There’s always a chance to do collaborative work in small business, so keeping positive, friendly and open with the competition is a great strategy. I’ve had referrals from competitors when they are too busy to take on a project- or when they think that a job is a good fit for me but not a good fit for them. It happens! Love what they do. Be inspired and use competition as a motivator.
don’t let it get you down.

Be patient with yourself 🙂


wishing you all the success in the world,


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