Part of being a bad-ass co-creator is dreaming.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what type of life you lead, every single one of us has tiny pulses of creative desire that help us to think up the next big goal – the places we want to go, and the people we want to become.

Dreaming is a as much a part of the human experience as breathing is.

The other part of being a bad-ass co-creator is taking the steps to make that dream a reality. And here’s where most amazing ideas go awry: Those inspiring dreams quickly find a handful of excuses why we can’t make it work. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough knowledge, not enough courage… and they get shoved back to where they came from, wrapped in all the reasons why they won’t happen.

If you dig down to the core of most of those excuses, the underlying reasons that people don’t hustle for their big dreams can be boiled down to 2 underlying blockers.

The first is fear. Fear can be a jerk and entrepreneurs need to learn how to befriend risk and make friends with fear. More on fear later.

The second reason… that is often at the heart of fear… is harder to admit and more difficult to deal with. It’s energy.

For the most part, we have little energy left to chase our dreams because we are so over worked and over stimulated already. We are too tired to really hustle. Between the 10 hour work days, the stressors of everyday life… health issues, worries about money, the odd virus here and there… the days full of fast-paced emails and passwords and being connected pretty much all of the time…

well after all of that we are totally worn out…

and big dreams… well, they seem lovely in our heads but actually putting in the time to chase them looks like such a monumental task that many of us never get past the start gates.

But we need your dreams.
Your big sacred ideas – your light and love and passion.
The world needs the love of poet philosophers, it needs healers and artists and creatives like never before. So how can you continuously build your energy to keep pushing forwards in order to bring yor dreams to life?

1. Meditation
Yep. The science is in. Meditation helps us to sleep better, it increases our sense of overall well-being (through increased DHEA) and it helps us to manage stress better. It actually decreases the brain’s activity in its stress centres… so science is finally able to explain what mystics have known for centuries: Meditation makes us happier and gives us more energy.

2. Diet & Exercise
Your body is a temple. Make time during the day to nourish it, and it will pay you back with additional energy stores and good health.

3. Friends & Family
Make time in your work for people who make you feel good. Schedule them into your calendar! If they uplift you, help you to laugh and help reduce your stress levels they should be a planned part of your energy plan.

4. Time for Your Spirit
Carve out time during the day to nourish your spiritual side, whatever that may be. Sing to the mountains, spend time in nature, sage your stresses away – whatever it takes to make your soul float.

5. Embrace your passion

6. Small Steps
Give yourself permission to take small steps each day. You don’t need to finish it all now. Life is the journey, right?

7. Find your cheerleaders.
And listen to them. People who make you feel good. Who love what your up to. Use them as a base to start to kindle your tribe.

8. Add acts of self love to your schedule.
(Start here with my handy-dandy self-love task randomizer)

xo Chris-Anne


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