Welcome, Explorer.

Welcome to the beginning of your intuition activation sequence.

Intuition is a beautiful gift that we often spend full lifetimes under-utilizing and downplaying, and – even worse – many of us never fully understand how our own inner guidance system works to communicate with the conscious part of our selves.

I’m so excited that you’ve decided to take this journey into your intuitive magic… and play and learn in this Lab format where you will have a chance to try different things and explore a few different ways to connect with your own intuition.

This very first step is a guided meditation that will help you to awaken your third eye, or your pineal gland. You can hit play below to listen to this meditation on your computer, tablet or your phone.

Today’s Exploration

Swan dive into the abyss of your inner guidance with today’s pineal gland activation. You will go on a short journey in nature, and feel your third eye as it comes alive.

This is a journey, sweet creator soul! Enjoy digging into your intuition play.

xo Big love,

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(This free meditation is available in this streaming form only. It is available for download when you purchase the 3 day Intuition Activaton Sequence. xo)