Is an Intentional third eye awakening possible?

YES. Enjoy Your Simple, Soulful Activation

We are all intuitive.

Every. Single. One of us.
Intuition is a capacity. And just like we have the capacity for language, or to learn to play a specific sport… we can hone and work with our intuitive muscles to improve our ability to tune into our inner knowing. It’s a skillet, and practice will earn you dramatic change!

There are many ways to think about your intuition (gut instincts, inner voice, a knowing, messages from Source or the Higher Self, etc.) but make no mistake – these are all things that allow us to access EXTRA information that resides outside of our conscious knowing.

You are a spiritual being with animal instincts, and you’ve got the resources inside of you to totally rock this life!

Intuition Acceleration!
3 days. 3 simple exercises. 1 Beautiful Activation.

Intuition Activation Sequence

Over the next 3 days you could decide to awaken your intuition. You could set the intention to learn more about your own intuitive gifts, and dive into some simple lessons that will activate your pineal gland and your third eye.

I have seen some amazing results with this mini-course, and I do hope you’ll join us as we open up our hearts and our minds, and dive into the ‘what’s possible’ when you say yes to the whispers of your soul.

This activation is delivered via email over three days and includes:

  • 3 meditations
  • 3 pdf exploration worksheets to go along with the lessons

Price: $44 USD
 PDF and mp3 audio

Note: The mp3 meditations cannot be downloaded direct to iphone, they must be downloaded to your computer and aded to your phone or tablet with iTunes. (This is standard for all mp3s with iOS)