If you find yourself stuck after having done a hundred different to-do-lists and branding worksheets, and you’re still not sure where to go next with your business, perhaps a future-self meditation is exactly the exercise you need to do! Guided business meditation? Heck yeah! (There’s a video below if you want a 15 minute guided future self meditation… or simply follow the steps below!)

Step 1:

Formulate a question.

Great question types are
“What is blocking me from choosing my logo?”
“What do I need to remember when I am building my new brand?”
“What advice am I forgetting to take?”
“Why am I not able to make this decision?”

Step 2:

Find a quiet space, and meditate on it. Ask to meet your future self, and open your heart and mind up to the wisdom that they have for you.

Step 3:

Trust your future self, they will speak from the gut and from a place of pure instinct.

Step 4:

Write it down and follow through.

Often this step involves vulnerability, and so it’s the toughest step to take.
(And in my experience, the faster you take it, the better off you’ll be!)

Entrepreneurship means taking a risk and putting your ideas out there.
Some of your ideas will soar, and some – inevitably – will flop.
That is the nature of entrepreneurship, and unless you have self-confidence to the point of nearly delusional, it takes some time and experience to be okay with failing.

We’ve been taught to succeed. We aren’t really equipped with how to deal with failure.
Of course this is easier to understand with the analytical mind than it is with the heart, for sure. But in the end, the more things you try, the more likely you are to find success!

I’ve done this meditation with much success in the past, with a few wonderful clients who had great difficulty choosing a brand direction. This is just one wonderful tool in the branding toolkit that we can use when we are stuck on our path towards manifesting a beautiful brands and bringing big visions to life.

Let’s breathe your big sacred dream to life!

Get your business soul out of stuck mode, and get your flow back on.

Often, the culprit of “stuck” is analysis paralysis – a term used to describe the inability to make a choice because there is an overwhelming amount of knowledge that looms in front of you. Sometimes, we stop ourselves from moving ahead because we are afraid that they we will make a mistake or a wrong choice.

Sometimes we feel insecure because we don’t know everything there is to know about running their business. Ultimately, these fears affect our ability to be productive, and our great ideas get tabled for weeks and weeks without progress. If this is the case, and business branding choices have become overwhelming and impossible to make, you may be blocked by something that your standard run-of–the-mill brand exercises can’t resolve for you.

The underlying issues at work could be many, but they tend to fall under the big bad umbrella of fear. Sometimes its the low level of self-confidence to trust in their vision, sometimes the fear of failure (this is very common!) and I’ve even seen the fear of success. But take heart! 

take a deep breath.
take a look into your soul.
and get your brand back on track.

Wishing you all the success in the world!


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