Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t actually been asked many questions. Here’s a few that come up from time to time.

What are your qualifications to help me with intuition and branding?

I love this question because I like to say the school of the vibrational universe.

But if that’s not workin’ for you (and it’s totally okay if it’s not ;)I have had awesome formal training through some cool dream jobs and “higher” education.

On the branding side:

  • 4 yr. Honours Bachelor of Design from York University
  • Certificate in Digital Media (York U &  Sheridan College)
  • Certificate in marketing from the University of Toronto
  • More importantly I’ve been doing this branding gig for a long time

On the woo-woo side things get a little more interesting. (This is the higher higher education.)

Healing Stuff:

  • I’ve gathered some Reiki, Celtic Reiki and Energy-working certifications. But to be honest, none of these mean much as much to me as real-world practice. They sure are pretty though 🙂
  • I’ve got my 1st year acupuncture studies under my belt. More to come later. 
  • I spent over a year working for a healer in Santiago Chile, and that experience changed my idea of what was possible with energy. It unfortunately also pushed me away from energy work for a good while. It’s a long story that maybe I can share with you someday. Lots of amazing learnings.
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner training, done! Maybe more to come later.
  • When I work hard enough at it I can see your aura. Just like you can see mine. I’d love to practice with you.

Other Stuff that made all the difference in the world (a.k.a. The ultra higher higher education)  

  • I grew up with a tons of creative visualization. My NLP auntie taught me things like anchoring emotions into my fingers and learning new half pipe tricks in my mind before I tried them. I learned that I could harness my passion and make something great out of it. And it worked. I became a competitive athlete, and when I was 19 I placed second at the Canadian Nationals for slope style in snowboarding. That was a great day. 
  • Hitchiking to Mexico from Whistler, B.C. as a young adult changed my mind about who I was and what I cold accomplish with willpower and a smile.  Looking back, it was also incredibly stupid and risky. But I was running on good karma and organic guacamole, and I knew I was okay. And I was. That trip set in motion the things that have given me my life today. I am grateful I was so foolish.
  • Meeting hubby online and taking the foolish proverbial leap off the cliff to go to South America and meet him in person changed my life forever. I ended up living in Chile for 4 years, and that totally rocked my idea of who I was and what I could accomplish in another language and culture. Looking back that was also incredibly stupid and risky, but I was using my intuition and my guides and I knew I would be okay. And I was. And 13 years later I am the most grateful happy person because of it.
  • Paying for university by managing a snowboard shop while selling runes, art and pendulums online while studying was really hard work. It probably would have taken a few years off of my life expectancy if it weren’t for all the green powder and yoga classes. It was the only option I saw at the time, and I did what I thought had to be done. I learned that hard work makes all the difference in the world. And I learned that the hard way.
  • Being self employed for 13 years has given me the hiccups and roadblocks to figure out that we really are the co-creators of our realm. And it doesn’t have to be hard. You have to put your energy there, and (big sacred moment here!) you don’t have to suffer on the journey to find success.
  • I’ve gone through the fertility treatments process and failed. Miserably. So I’ve also learned that while my idea of my perfect life could be drastically shaken up, that the process of letting things go and getting back into flow is the healing we need to realign with the universe. I’m still learning this everyday, and I imagine this will be a life-long course.

I don't get it. What is this website all about?

Healing arts, staying healthy, creativity and unorthodox branding. Everything should fit under one of those categories. Unless it’s something like creative healing, or branding for creative healers, in which case it falls under two or three! I have no rules here. This is a passion project so I am giving myself the luxury of not narrowing things down into a box that feels restrictive. It feels wonderfully indulgent after a decade of working in marketing and branding. No niche. No defined parameters. Just a living breathing curio cabinet where I can play and grow and learn and share. That’s what this site is about!


I love nature. I think it’s phenomenal. Magical, even.
I am moved to goosebumps by the beauty in animals, by astronomy, and by wonderful acts of goodness by kind people.

I believe that life presents simple miracles. All the time.

I believe that we can heal ourselves and each other in fascinating ways.

I had a peace-loving aunt (Irish-Catholic) who married a man with questionable ties to the IRA. They had 8 kids of their own and then adopted 2 gorgeous little black kids.

It was the 60s – they were revolutionary. When my uncle died in the 80s she became a Catholic nun.
She was also a master NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming) and she taught NLP training courses and went on retreats to walk on fire. She would go into mosques, buddhist temples and other churches as she passed them by… because the sign on the door didn’t matter. It was sacred space and it was a building to invite divinity and love into her life.

If there was an “Aunt Joanie Party of Canada” on the voting ballot, I would check that box.

Come to think of it, I probably would have gone to her church, too.

Can you help me with my health company branding?

Maybe! If you think I would be the right brand guide for you, please reach out to me and let’s have a conversation. Or you can head on over to Pixelbrand Design and take a peek at our work to see if we are a good match for your needs.

If you are not looking to invest in one-on-one brand coaching right now, we have a ultra juicy and fun online course in the works that will help you to build your brand and your intuition at the same time. (It’s like having your cake and eating it too!)

Do you write the poems that you have posted?

Yes. Unless cited, the poetry is all mine.

Poems are such a personal journey, and it took me years (and years) to put them out there.
Art is a creative outlet that I tap in to quite intermittently, and often when I am needing to express something that I can’t quite put a finger on.
I really hope you’ve enjoyed them.

In the past few years I’ve started doing poetry at conferences and business seminars as breaks between speakers.
It has been pretty darn awesome when I’m given the chance! I’ve done a few performances with a colleague/friend who plays the drums to back up the poetry.

That said,  I am always VERY nervous before starting.

I actually discovered water-proof paper this way, because my hands sweat a lot when my nerves hit, and my ink was running.
Yeah. Mild hyper-hidrosis. TMI?

No helpful answer?
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Send me an email! or connect with me on instagram, twitter (@PixieCurio) or Google Plus. I am always looking for great people to collaborate with, and I’m open to new ideas and new possibilities.

Finding my Voice

I’m a big fan of audio casting ideas. I’d love you to access my branding authentically and launching your passion podcast. I’m also a big fan of poetrycasts.

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