Fear Busting Meditation

Yep. Bustin’.

This meditation-slash-fire-burning-ritual is called The Big Purge.
There are audio tracks below if you prefer to listen along and do your exercise that way. It’s a powerful list building and weighing exercising that ends in a firebowl ritual. (Or you can end it after the first audio meditation… like all thing in your sacred creator journey, how deep you go is entirely up to you.)

Let’s get started:

You’ll need 2 pieces of paper and a pen for the first portion.
And an outdoor campfire, an fireproof bowl filled with sand, or some way to safely burn paper in the second portion.


We’re going to dump all of our ‘ish into a few lists.
1. What are your fears? What are the risks? What may go wrong? Don’t mull on these too long (eeek! Write this list quickly and be done with it!)

Follow along with audio below

2. Breathe into your belly and pull up dream in your mind’s eye. Take time to craft the deatils and to feel yourself and the power you feel in that dream. Hold it safe and sacred and successful in your mind, and remember what you are really working towards. Know that you are safe on this journey.

3. Then start to make a second list that is full of the passion and joy and happiness you felt in that imaginary moment. Describe the feelings in your heart and your chest when you imagine where you are headed.

Hold the power of the moment in your heart, and ask yourself:
Why do I want to move ahead with my dream?
Why does it matter that I succeed? What is it that I am trying to build? What is my why for building my journey towards my big sacred life? Who does it matter to? Who will I help? Who will I save? How many lives will I touch? And how will it feel to step into my blazingly brilliant life?

List them all. Get your two lists. Read them again. Weigh that crappy fear list against the passion you feel to move ahead in your business.

Weigh your risks against what it feels like to succeed.
And weight them against what it would feel like to not try and to always wonder. For a little extra bonus intention setting, find some sacred space and then burn those lists. For real.


Burn the risks because you release the risks. Because they will no longer hold you back. Bless them, and know that they will make you better and stronger and more competent. As you work to mitigate them, they help you to build a stronger base.
And know that they will always be poking around. Risk is a part of living. And it is a part of the journey towards success.
Be ready to release them and accept them and move through them. Then toss them into the flame and let them go.

Next burn the passionate feelings list.
But burn this one for a totally different reason. Burn the passions because you intend to ignite them. Because they will fuel your spirit and because they are braver and stronger and more important to your soul than the list of your fears and the risks. Burn them because they will prevail and they will bring you happiness, because you choose to ignite your fire instead of putting it out.

Burn them because you are light.

And because you are ready to shine.