As you plan your future soulpreneur journey, you may find yourself questioning where you are headed.

This ‘true north’ that you planning is also the mission of your business, and it’s an important decision to make.

It’s also important to know that your direction may change and shift. Give yourself permission to allow that to happen.

Here’s why:

As a soulpreneur, you likely blend your spiritual life with your business life, so the epic mission for your BIZ can look a whole lot like the epic mission for your LIFE.

As you grow and change and shift, things expand.

For a peek at what your beautiful epic mission looks like today, head on over to the Epic Mission Questionnaire.


After you take the questionnaire, screen shot your answers so you have them on file. (In the Marketing and Magic course, we turn this questionnaire into an amazing marketing tool!) I’ve opened up the first part of the tool for you, where most of your own intuitive juicy answers lie. 🙂

For a deeper dive listen to the Mission Statement for your soul audio below.

As always, I wish you all the success, and happiness in the world.