Finding Energy Medicine : the non-healer in a healing clinic

I’m a big fan energy medicine.
I love to see people’s bodies and minds align, and to see their health improve in such a loving, gentle way. I am consistently thrilled that this medicine improves people’s lives right alongside their improved health. Body, mind and soul-  it’s the best medicine that I have seen to invoke peace, satisfaction and self-love.

Look at that list: Love, happiness and health. Who wouldn’t love energy work?

So I’m a huge fan.

But I wasn’t always.

In 2004 I took my first energy work course. I was trained in an auric field /chakra cleansing method which translates to ‘Golden Light’ Healing. (I was living in Chile at the time.)  I was just kicking off my career as a graphic designer, and I was a Canadian girl in South America with very little Spanish. I was teaching a few English classes here and there, reading a lot about herbal medicine, navigating a new city, and learning Spanish. And I was in love.

Love meant staying in one spot and it meant making a life in Santiago, Chile.
And it meant getting a ‘real’ job because my post-university savings were dwindling quickly.

It was sink-or-swim careerwise and I was offered a job creating marketing materials for an American healer who lived and worked in Santiago. He had a huge number of students and clients and was really very revered by those that worked closely with him.

So there I was

Graphic design job = check ✔
Mediocre Spanish problem = solved ✔
Fab new paycheck and office = um. not so much

I took the Golden Light Healing Level 1 course as part of the job training, to be honest. It wasn’t something that I would have paid for at the time. Sure, I thought it was neat. Maybe cool, even. But in the back of my mind I thought it was a really neat placebo. It wasn’t as ‘scientific’  as the NLP I had grown up with. There weren’t as many important steps. There were no regulations and it almost seemed like anyone could learn how to do it.


No special skills. No five year training programs. That just didn’t sit right with me at the time. Freshly squeezed out of the university system, I needed to believe that higher-education was tantamount to success. Especially in a field as important as medicine.

I must have been an academic snob or a friendly-vibes biggot, to boot.
If they didn’t have schooling or, heavens-to-betsy if they were normal human beings with flaws and fractures like the rest of us, I was sure that they couldn’t possibly be chosen to be gifted a talent as important as healing! I guess I had a very elevated view of who should, or who shouldn’t qualify as a healer.

Please be gentle with me. I was learning.

I didn’t understand that everyone has the capacity to heal.

I met some wonderful women at that healing center. We laughed and chatted over lunch breaks, and my Spanish vocabulary for the esoteric arts grew very quickly. While I really enjoyed them in their hippy eccentricity, I was still sure that people who claimed to be completely healed by lightworkers or energy healers were – well,  a little off their rocker.  Because of this, so many of them seemed lost to me.

Looking back, I am sure that I was the one who was lost. I was lost in a new country, in a new culture, doing a new job in a field that I didn’t really know all that much about. (That’s a whole lotta new goin’ on!)

It was also my first experience in a clinic setting, and I imagine that I interpreted it all wrong.  I assumed that the feeling of uncertainty that people brought with them when they arrived was uncertainty in life. (Ahem, yep. Pretty sure that was me again.)

Of course there were a few lost souls around for sure, but most of the people who came as students or who came for treatments were simply feeling a little bit unsure about the whole thing… perhaps a little bit skeptical of the process, or of their own abilities to heal others. And while they may not have been lost, per say- searching for something special, they were.

(My inner yoda just came out with that last sentence.)

Some were searching for health. And some were searching for their life purpose.
Others were searching for hope. The majority of them were lovely, spirited souls and downright vibrant individuals, and for the most part they seemed to leave the clinic with smiles plastered across their faces.
Most of them seemed to be finding exactly what they were looking for.

I didn’t know it at the time but the course I took was going to influence my life in many ways, and I still use some of those basic chakra cleansing techniques today.

It helps me to be a better reiki practitioner, and it amps up my tuina massage and my meridian work. I have no doubt that when I graduate from my current studies, that it will also make me a better acupuncturist. In my experience, the energetic healing arts are infinitely scalable. Every tool helps a little bit more, and each one stands on the shoulders of the technique before it.

And as for the measurable success of it all?

I can only tell you what I’ve witnessed.
I’ve seen chronic illnesses fade and painful migraines instantly cease. I’ve seen addictions and phobias overcome, old knee injuries disappear, and I’ve watched run-down, overwhelmed bodies rejuvenate.

The outcomes of bodywork can be phenomenal.

Have you ever seen someone after they’ve had a reiki session? They GLOW.

And those special skills that I had wrongly assumed a person needed to have in order to become a healer?
Anyone and everyone with a capacity to love can do it. Anyone.

And yes, I know exactly how woo-woo that sounds. Honestly… I really do.

I was there. I was a total skeptic.

And it worked even when I didn’t believe it could.

I invite anyone reading this who hasn’t experienced this amazing gift to look for a reiki practioner in your area and get yourself on the energy train.

But be warned…you may not want to get off! 🙂


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