Enjoy 5 free Crystal Grids with instructions on using the grids to manifest abundance

Sacred grids will completely change the way you work with energy, crystals, and other tools. These geometric powerhouses can strengthen and amplify your intention and redefine your relationship with the energetic patterns of your life. This 11 page pdf booklet was a labour of love 🙂 and I am delighted to offer it as a free download! I use the grids in a way that’s a little bit different than most people (I write all over them!) and when I was asked to explain the process I go through, I created this pdf to share the grid system that I have created.

The pdf e-booklet includes:

• instructions on how to use your grid

• 5 free printable grids to use at home

• extra info on creating sacred space


With practice, crystal grids can help you to:
  • ramp up your ability to work with energy
  • focus your intention
  • manifest with clarity
  • call positive energetic changes into your life faster


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Sacred crystal grids have ramped up my ability to focus my intentions with CLARITY, so I’ve been able to manifest bigger, faster, and more specifically by working with them. They are one of my favourite meditation tools when I am welcoming abundance and success into my world. Pair these grids with your favourite crystals, cards, rocks, or runes and you’ve got a whole lotta’ powerful and sacred all wrapped up in one tiny space. Plus, they’re beautiful to look at, which always intensifies the all-around positivity that they stir up!

{like most things in life,
intention is the key.}

A thought comes before every action you take, right? From pouring yourself a kale smoothie to buying a new sage smudge stick… everything you do begins with a thought. Those thoughts are the key to working with your intention, and your intention is the key to manifesting your action. { It’s also the key to calling in serendipitous waves of opportunity from the universe. }

It’s hard to deny that most of the time our thoughts are rampantly out of control. We send them flying out into the universe unleashed and unchecked– and for the most part, just spinning without any real direction. Since your thoughts are a form of energy that can change how you feel and what actions you take, it’s hugely advantageous to harness and direct that energy intentionally. { Intention takes time and energy, but it’s a simple process. When intention becomes a daily habit you’ll see it’s real magic in your life! }

Okay, so how do the GRIDS work?

You can use these grids as starting points for any energywork or divine creations that you are cooking up. From charging your crystals to meditating on a new business idea, crystal grids can help us to strengthen and focus our ENERGY. The grids are based on sacred geometry, which are blueprints for the basic patterns of life. These grids help move energy in a perfect pattern of creation to get it flowing naturally. Add your own powerful intention into the mix and you’ve got a metaphysical recipe for massive success!

Manifesting your dream

(detailed instructions and grids in free download above)

1. Choose the right place for your grid
2. State your intention
3. Open sacred space
4. Write your intention in the grid’s center
5. Ground your energy & Connect to your grid
6. Place your crystals & visualize your goals
7. Connect the crystals
8. Start the Flow
9. Daily additions : Add your ideas, inspirations and successes
10. For ideas on going deeper download the pdf 🙂


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