As a personal brand guide dedicated to building big sacred dreams, I often hear concerns about branding spiritual business and how much or how little woo to bring into the mix.

Can I really bring my spirituality into my business?

Isn’t it unprofessional?

Won’t people be turned away from my business?

How much can I reveal?

These are great questions, and there isn’t one answer for every situation. At the crux of all of these questions is 1 important thing that you need to get really clear on, in order to know what’s best for your brand.

What is the experience you offer people?

When you market the experience of working with you in a way that is a true representation of working with all of you, then you will never go astray. In the past we’ve been taught crummy things like “business isn’t personal” and that “spirituality is not something to be brought to the office.”

As a small business owner, my business is totally personal. I choose not to run it like a mega-corporation because – well, that would be silly. We are a 3 person micro (yet mighty!) agency, and I work side by side with Curtis and Val. It would be a strange day when we didn’t bring our beliefs to the office because it’s built into the fabric of everything we work on. It is integral to who we are and what we are building. 

While it’s absolutely true that many giant companies need these rules to help people from all different belief systems to work side by side (and under the banner of the corporate brand.) Fortunately, running a business of your own is not the same as fitting into a large corporate organization (at all), and the only people that you need to please in your business are your clients, your employees and yourself. If your work includes bringing a layer of your spiritual self to the table and you market it honestly, then your tribe – your ideal clients – will find you, because that is the experience that they desire in their lives at that time.

If your work involves a layer of the spiritual and you decide to leave it out of your marketing because of the fear of disapproval, or losing sales because of it – then you will have to carefully walk on eggshells with every person that walks through your door as you try to discern if you can be authentic with them, and tiptoe around some of your best conversations because of fear of turning them off. Wouldn’t it be easier to just put your whole self out there and attract like-minded people who already get your approach?

If you are looking for your tribe, your ideal clients who love the work you are doing – being all of your self gives you the opportunity to go past vanilla and boring. There is no other you. . Taking the leap past fear of judgment into real is liberating, and people take notice when others are shining from their true heart center.

Does your client base exist online?

If you are worried that there isn’t enough of a client base for the work that you do, and you worry that further niching by adding the woo-woo into your business will be bad for sales, I have one question for you:

Is there any way to sell your product or service online?

If your answer is yes, then there is a base for you out there. The online world is so large that you will find people who think like you and love the same things that you love.

Don’t worry, your clients are out there! Scarcity mentality vs. abundance thinking

Try to make the move away from the scarcity mentality (there aren’t enough customers and my competitors are stealing my sales) towards the abundance mentality (there are enough customers for everyone.) There are! You just need to be brave enough to put your own flavor out there so that your clients will find you.

I saw a website last week that had $2000 in sales in the last month selling glitter in tiny bottles with home-made stickers on them with the words “fairy dust” and “moon glitter spell”. There’s an audience for everything and everything online, so I guarantee you that your audience is out there. Just know that you don’t want to go out there to compete online with a “professional” and “normal” brand.

Do you want to buy vanilla cake or do you want to buy French vanilla ambrosia cake with Madagascar truffle sauce? Ah?

My point it that you need to Make yourself desirable by being you- all of you- and not holding back on your own personal quirky. That’s your gold! to compete online


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