What Does the Future Ask of You, Dear Leader?

It asks you to find co-creators because your mission is bigger than you can do alone.

It asks you to listen to your inner wisdom because that is wiser and more resourced than your ego.

It asks you to feel… your excitement, your compassion, and your wounds because this is the seed of your greatest work.

It asks you to open to new perspectives because your reality is affected by lenses you choose to look through.

It asks you to quiet your mind from time to time because your success and your well-being rely on calm thought.

It asks you to shine as your truest, most authentic self because anything less is a limited version of you.

Will you be ready when shift happens?
We believe:
  • The shift is upon us
  • We are being called to expand and integrate
  • Each of us creates our own reality
  • It’s time to co-create

You are invited to Abundance Exchange, a co-creative environment where we blend:

  • Strategy and conscious intuition
  • Social unity and generosity of spirit
  • Learning and experimenting genuinely together
  • Connectedness from our essence
  • Fulfilling soul conversations that offer clarity and perspective
  • A total, honest exchange of energy and intention

Are you in? (ask your gut… it knows.)

Three introductory group gatherings are available in Newmarket, ON.

Wednesday June 15th
Wednesday June 22nd
3pm – 5pm
in Newmarket, Ontario!

Give me a call to find out more (289) 231-6514

We look forward to co-creating with you!

Chris Donnelly | Doug Leitch | Sue Bowe

Amazing. Give me a hit of self-love.