The Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

(personal notes)
Upright: progress, planning future, stay or go, business partnerships, boredom, departure
Reversed: lack of planning, fear, feeling of being tied down, choosing boring yet secure, arrival

In Rider-Waite traditional symbolism, the two of wands tarot card shows a man on a rooftop looking out over an ocean, and over an expansive piece of land as a horizon unfolds below him. His options are limitless. Like a student freshly graduated from university, the world is his oyster. He needs to make a decision, and then make a plan in order to navigate his chosen future.

2 of wands tarot card meaning image
As he stares into the horizon, he appears to be mulling an idea over and lost is in his own thoughts. He is thinking about his future.Should be run head-first towards this new potential path he sees for his life? Or should he stay put, comfortable and safe in his home village? As he ponders, his left hand holds on wand towards the left (and towards the left, intuitive side of the brain.) The other wand has been left somewhat untended, bolted down to the wall.

Maybe that wand in his left hand is the original Ace of wands that ignited this new idea or new passion to begin with. If it is, it looks like our thinker has already chosen the bright bold future he envisions. His heart may have already made a decision, even if his mind doesn’tknow it yet.

He may have that bolted wand as back up. A Plan B, keeping his feet on the ground -and causing him to pause and take stock before jumping into the wild unknown with his new idea, path, or relationship.

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Two of Wands Tarot Card Upright Meaning:
Twos in numerology can represent balance, duality or polarity. Is there a new possibility that has come into your life, a new future on the horizon that for some reason you haven’t delved into? Is the new path causing a duality in your life, or a split in the things that you want? There may be 2 complete opposites here, or two sets of desires, feelings, and plans.

You may have one wand that is fuelled by your passion, and another fuelled by logic, reason or responsibility. Maybe you have many options that you want to explore, yet you haven’t really thought about them long enough to really understand what you want or where you want to go. Meditate on what you truly desire, so that you can make proper plans to get you where you want to go.

An overarching theme in the two of wands is a crossroads in your life. There may be compromise here, and your heart may be at odds with your head, and you will need to come to terms with this and make a decision.

The bolted rod reminds us of past responsibilities or ways of life. Is it holding you back?
The man looks to the left – or the past- in this card while thinking about his future.
Are you past experiences causing you to hesitate on a present opportunity?

Maybe you have outgrown your current situation and it’s time to move ahead into new and exciting experiences. If your world feels too small – so small in fact that it fits into the palm of your hand – it’s time to make a decision between the courageous leap of faith required to experience something new, and that which is comfortable and familiar. If you decide to stay, make the decision whole-heatedly. Your wistful longing to see the rest of the world and to fully experience life will probably not go away unless your heart, soul and mind are in agreement.

There may be a sense of boredom with your current situation, and the desire to do something exhilarating.
If you run with the passion you have for your new project or relationship, you will most likely need to give up that bolted rod in order to fully experience this new passion in your life. It has to stay put.

The Two of Wands asks us to be strong, courageous and bold. Wands stand for creativity – call on your creative energy to help guide you here! It’s a good time to take initiative, speak your truth and follow your heart’s desire. Your current life will only change when you are your own changemaker. Be innovative, original and a pioneer! Have faith in your idea and in your ability to see it through.

To work towards that life you envision on the horizon, you need to carve out your personal path in a way that is creative, confident and original. The two of wands has some of the energy of the Ace of Wands, and of the Magician. While the Magician’s powerful creativity draws from the magic of the universe, the two of wands incorporates the power to write your path in a very personal, down-to-earth way.
He needs to be a pioneer, dare to be bold enough to walk his unique path in life- speak his mind and trust in his own abilities.

He knows that that uniqueness is his personal power, and that he will be able to obtain that personal power (hold the world in his hands) is he has the courage to step beyond his town and experience new things in life.

The time has come for a bold, inventive and creative move. You think differently and it’s time to embrace that eccentric creativity and jump!

Two of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Meanings:
The two of wands reversed suggests that it is time for you to start to make decisions about what you want, and begin prioritizing and making plans so that you will be able to get where you want to go. Maybe you started a project on a whim – purely out of passion! – and now you have come to a plateau or a standstill because you’ve realized that you need to plan things out a little bit better. It’s time to make a concrete plan.

It’s time to take an honest look at where you want to go, and plan the steps to get there.

Fear often stunts our growth when the 2 of wands shows up in spread. Are you stuck? Afraid to move from your current situation?

In a career, you may be selling yourself short, choosing security over a riskier option with a higher reward.
Fear is often the culprit here. Maybe your plan isn’t coming to fruition because it wasn’t well organized.

In a relationship reading, you may be stuck between two lovers, and leaning towards the safe and secure option.
You may also feel compelled to stay in an unfulfilling relationship, again, because of the fear of striking out to find a new horizon, or because of the security that familiarity offers.

If you are losing some of the original passion for an idea, relationship or project that you have begun, it’s time to do an honest check in. Work towards finding that passion again! Or realize that you’ve lost that spark and make the tough decisions about what you really want.

Personal Notes on the two of wands tarot card
2 of wands. Hello old friend.
Creatives, passionates, intuitives – how can we escape the lure of new and exciting things? And not want to jump right in and just experience everything that life has to offer? When I find new things to learn, {read: obsess about} I struggle with what my heart wants, and what the mind wants.
How can we incorporate the new things into our lives without continuously pivoting into something new each and every week?

The two of wands forces us to examine a path at a fork in a road. If we jump head first into a new passion, we need to leave that bolted wand behind, right? Or- do we? Can we incorporate both? Can we somehow manage to balance the 2? There is only so many things that we can take on and incorporate into every day lives. Only so many people that we can spend time with. Only so many businesses that we can start. Two of wands is a positive card – the world is your oyster and what you see on your horizon is whatever you want to see.

There can be a bit of anxiety in this freedom. Like the student who has a hard time starting an essay when they can write about a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, sometimes life is easier when we are just given a topic and we simply go through the motions to finish up the paper.

But wait a second. Isn’t it infinitely more satisfying to delve into a topic that you are passionate about, that changes your life and makes you realize that you were always meant to be exactly where you are, right now?


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