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Hello beautiful
creator soul!

My name is Chris-Anne, and I create magickal things. I’d like to help you to create that thing you’ve been dreaming of, and to fall deeper into the embodiment of your own creative power.

I am a brand catcher and a dream builder, a strategist, a designer, a published poet, author and tarot creator. I am a teacher. A student. An entrepreneur. A soulpreneur. And I play in a lot of different worlds, because my magic lies in the strange creative connections that form when I do. I am a business owner. And… I know that your magic lies in the spaces that connect all the puzzle pieces of your life, too. I believe we are spiritual beings, having a creative experience… in a human body, and that our magical mindset can totally change the life we lead. 

At the crossroads of strategy and intuition there is a sweet spot called success.

We are all


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What’s your soul creating with your one,  beautiful life?

The first product I created was the Sacred Creators Oracle, and if you are creating something (or thinking about creating something!) and you’d love to dive into cards to help do so, this creator deck is meant to help bring dreams to life and ideas into reality. Tune in and allow these cards to help build your success, your life, and your happiness.

Sacred Creators Oracle

Are you ready to step into actionable change, and to build the brand and biz you’ve been thinking about?